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We are up to 30 members of Team Low Cadence. It has been exciting to see people come on board who believe in the mission of I Do It For. It is also humbling because I realize that they are joining up in faith… I Do It For at this point is only an idea. That gives me encouragement, but also accountability for the future.

I Do It For FoundationWhere are we right now? It seems like it is taking forever to get some real traction, but then again I have to stop and consider that we haven’t really been going full tilt until December. If I put my positive glasses on, I have to be amazed at what we have accomplished during that time.

I Do It For Foundation is now incorporated. The papers have been submitted to the IRS for 501c3 approval. A back account has been established. The foundation is now a stand alone entity.

Team Low Cadence is starting to pick up steam as folks learn more about the foundation and want to support it. Already we have jumped in to support the Ben Renkema fund and team members are also beginning to participate in charitable events under the I Do It For banner.

We have designed numerous promotional pieces. It is kind of overwhelming to see everything coming together. Of course, I will feel much better when I actually see the pieces in front of me!

One of the most amazing things is how quickly the I Do It For Funathlon has come together for September. Sure, there is plenty of detail work to do. However, we have a definite date, location and program. Already people are requesting to be notified when the registration opens. Check it out here.

Having said all of that, the one thing that is still the great mystery is the web tools. I have met for an initial planning session. It seems like a huge project! I keep reminding myself that this is the integral part of the foundation. Yes, we could continue to do our mission, but I wouldn’t be able to keep my job! The automation and duplication abilities of the web tool is what will allow the foundation to grow and be sustained.

For now, you can keep up with us at these temporary holdings: and I Do It For Foundation also has an account at Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for believing in this idea. We look forward to you supporting the reality.

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