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Maybe I have lost my mind

Another tangible step is made to bring the I Do It For Foundation to reality: We now take donations online. This is also where the rubber meets the road. It is a scary thought to think that we are a start up whose business plan is to provide services and product for free. I think it is important as we ask people to help support our foundation to explain how it works.

We exist to provide event promotion and fund raising services for at no cost to those seeking to help an individual in need. While we are pleased to offer these services free, providing these tools and materials is not. It is why we have set up a 501c3 charitable organization.

One unique thing about I Do It For is that we’re proud to say that 100% of the money you give is for administrative and promotional expenses. That is kind of the opposite of what you would expect. What you need to understand is that means we make it possible for others to give 100% of what they are able to raise toward the person in need they seek to support.

IDIF Flow Chart

We are able to use economies of scale to provide for free services and promotions that an individual or smaller charity could not. A key component of this will be a web tool that allows us to replicate an unlimited number of I Do It For Campaigns. It costs us no more to launch 100 sites as it does 1. Our primary expense is up front as we build the system.

Another important part of the plan is to provide a number of promotional items that can be personalized to show support to those being encouraged and helped financially. This will be the primary ongoing expense. Since we are providing these items free to those using them to fund raise, we must pay for them some way. We do not want to take the expense of those items out of the money being given toward the need. The good news is that once again the more we purchase the better discount we can get for volume.

It is exciting to think that your money donated to I Do It For is multiplied and as the foundation grows the return on your investment will grow as well.  Your investment in the start up of this foundation can have a long-lasting and exponential benefit to thousands of people in need of financial and emotional support. Will you please consider giving today?

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Thank you!