Updated and official Team Low Cadence flyer

UPDATE: Team Low Cadence has been closed. I Ride For ____ gear is now available without being a member of the team. Opportunity to order kit will open periodically.

The updated and official Team Low Cadence flyer is now available. You can see the images of the two-sided flyer and also download the printable PDF below. Here is a call to all team members to print this out and get out there to recruit more of us. We currently have 30 team members. Let’s keep growing!

Official Team Low Cadence Flyer

Official Team Low Cadence back


You download the flyer here [link]. For best results, it is suggested that you take the file to be printed at a service such as Kinkos. It is possible to print this on a color ink-jet printer, but the quality will not represent the original work.

Come along and join the team! We’re just getting started and the future is wide open. We’re excited already by the success we’ve seen. Be a part of it!