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Since Sunday I have heard numerous complaints from people concerning the recent time change. Most of it centered around “losing an hour of sleep.” There were a couple of articles about how the time change is bad for health and business. Well, after yesterday, I remember why it is most that I welcome the time change and there will be no complaints from me!

Tuesday I was actually able to come home from work and ride my bike for over an hour!

It wasn’t the most pleasant ride. My legs felt stiff and it seemed that I wasn’t producing much power at all. Still, the sun was shining and the beauty of the day around me far outweighed any discomfort on the bicycle.

Later that evening, I sat down and uploaded my computer data to Strava. Turns out my ride wasn’t as bad as I thought. Sure, I felt like trash, but I was actually doing a bit of work.

I’ll take that as a good sign. You know you are progressing when you ride above the way you feel. Your brain tells you one thing, but your body slots into the track you have trained it to follow.

Whatever the case, all I know is that I made it home in time to get ready for an evening event and I had a smile on my face. Looks like I’m nearing the time to say good bye to the trainer. Bring on the sun!

Michael KramerBy the way, did you see this story about Chef Michael Kramer [link] making a move to Greenville? Did you see one of the reasons why?

Kramer said the food scene is growing in Greenville: Esquire restaurant critic Joihn Mariani recently wrote an article, “Is Greenville the Next Big Food City of the South?” The city also was appealing to Kramer, an avid cyclist, because it’s a “cycling mecca,” he said.

Welcome to Greenville. Wishing you good success both in the kitchen and on the road.

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