Back to 2006

Tomorrow is the first Hour of Power shop ride out of Sunshine Cycle Shop. The group heads out at 8 AM for about 28 miles on rolling terrain. I’ve got a lot of history on that route and it got me to thinking of how far back in my blogging past I could find information about the ride.

It got me to thinking of when did I first start blogging about cycling? I have blogged consistently since 2004. Wow! Soon it will be a decade. I found this post from August 2, 2006 where I first started transitioning to an all cycling blog.

If you want to start your own adventure at the Sunshine Cycle Shop Hour of Power, you can learn more about it at

Now I’ve gone and done it – August 2, 2006

I’ve always enjoyed the energy that comes from a regular exercise routine. However, it has been hard to find a sport that I could do that would fit into my lifestyle. I don’t like “stationary” exercise. I want to be out doing something. Running is okay and I have run extensively in the past, but it just doesn’t have that element that keeps me coming back for more.

Mountain biking has been more my speed and riding gives me a workout while at the same time allowing me to incorporate the technical sides of riding and the social side of thrashing a trail with other pedal pushers. The only problem is that with a family and all the work responsibilities it has become harder and harder to load up the bike and find a trail. The trail that was once behind my house has basically be destroyed, so I would have to drive to the nearest trails.

One of my early Sunshine Cycle Shop rides. I am second in the red helmet.

One of my early Sunshine Cycle Shop rides. I am second in the red helmet.

Enter road biking. I have recently worked out a deal so I could get a Specialized Allez Elite Triple. It isn’t a fancy bike, but is a solid beginners bike. Now, my rides begin at the end of my driveway! I’ve been able to work out a system of riding Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. After my first full week of riding, I have logged over 100 miles.

Where I have gotten myself in trouble is that I have signed up for my first Metric Century ride on September 1st! That means I have only a month to prepare to ride over 62 miles. So far the longest I have ridden is 30 miles. I hope I’ll be able to do it. But really, a goal like that is what I need to keep me in the saddle and pushing for improvement. It is what turns exercise into a sport – a game where I play against myself to go farther than I thought I could.


Little did I know as I wrote that what I was beginning! I’m glad I bought that red Allez. Parts of me wishes I could go back to those innocent, wide-eyed days on the bicycle. I guess that is one good thing about a blog… at least I can read about them.

I then went searching for the first record of a Sunshine Cycle Shop ride. I found it in September 2006. It isn’t the “blow-by-blow” style of some of the later descriptions of the ride, but I’m putting it here for nostalgia.


A normal Saturday – September 30, 2006

Its Saturday and no rain, so…. that means that it was time for the Sunshine Cycle Saturday morning ride. Man, was it cold! Really, it wasn’t that cold – probably the high 40s or low 50s, but when you are out in summer riding gear and you get up to speed, it gets cold.

Once we got started, I warmed up everywhere except my fingers and my toes. When the sun got up over the trees, that helped a lot as well. By the time we ended the ride I was feeling pretty good.

By next Saturday, I plan to have some cool/cold weather gear. I don’t want to be cold again… nor do I want to be accused of being a Yankee! 🙂

We did about twenty-eight and a half miles like we normally do. I was relieved we didn’t do Woodhaven. That would have croaked me. The most fun I had was on a long gradual climb. I hooked up with Ed and Tony (two of the better riders) and we dropped the whole group and finished yards ahead of everyone. I managed to finish in the top two or three of most of the sprints, but the last couple of climbs, I just ran out of gas.

I didn’t make the 100 miles this week as I had hoped, but I did get more than 70. I’ll try again this week to get in some more. I think if I can get in a ride on Tuesday night, that will help.

Oh, a funny story. My nephew Paiton rides a lot with a friend named Andy. Well, this morning Andy called to see if Paiton would like to ride with him around Paris Mountain. Unfortunately for Paiton, his family didn’t hear the phone ring. So, Andy went riding without him and ended up riding with George Hincapie as they both ended up riding the same route. Andy got his autograph on his jersey and spent some time talking with him. Paiton? He was kicking himself 🙂