So long, Team Low Cadence

You may notice a major change to if you haven’t visited in awhile. You might even be asking, “Where did Low Cadence go?” It is true that the brand has gone away and the I Do It For brand has taken its place. That is how it should be.

Team Low started out as a personal blog. For years, I used the space to tell of my cycling adventures and mishaps. Some of those experiences revolved around my annual Ride For Mike. Out of living those stories arose the I Do It For Foundation. While the foundation was the main focus for me, I still had some residual nostalgia — and well, pride — in the Low Cadence brand. I didn’t want to see it go.

To work around this I attempted to bring the two brands together. would be the site for the foundation and Low Cadence would become a sanctioned cycling club under USA Cycling. The “team” would be for those people who wanted to represent the foundation and support it financially and by volunteering.

On paper it looked like a good idea. It would bring some identity to the volunteers and allow them to have some cool gear. Besides, at that time more people knew of Low Cadence than they did I Do It For.

However, in the back of my mind I had the nagging suspicion that attempting to combine the two brands would weaken both of them. What came from it was confusion and split loyalty. My suspicion became a reality.

I Do It For FoundationThere were some who joined Team Low Cadence because they liked the Low Cadence brand. They didn’t have a clear understanding of the I Do It For mission. Those who were interested in the foundation were confused by the existence of Low Cadence… “What has that got to do with I Do It For?”

I am still very thankful for the people who joined “Team Low Cadence” and recognize that most of them joined to support the foundation. It is for them we¬†are consolidating under the common I Do It For brand. The only remaining parts of Low Cadence will be the URL to this blog and the Twitter account @LowCadence.

Low Cadence is hanging around because of my personal tie with the brand. This blog will help me tell the story of I Do It For, but it will also have some personal posts as well. I look forward to sharing both with you.

So, thanks for spinning along with me and welcome to Team I Do It For.

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