You can go pretty fast without moving

Over the two weeks leading up to this one, I have pretty much worn myself out. I moved my fitness level from an “18” to a “38” in just a matter of days and then maintained it. By this past weekend, I was a quivering mess. However, that was right along with my plan.

The plan was to pack in enough fitness as possible — which always leads to fatigue — and then this last week recover in hopes to have as much form as possible for Saturday’s race. Well, turns out it isn’t going to be much. It will be more than it could have been if I did nothing. So, I have to be happy with what I’ve got.

This week I have been climbing aboard the trainer for a few minutes just to keep my legs moving. That brings me to Zwift and Jarvis Island. I used the time to capture some video of another segment on the island. I already posted the Col d’ Zwift Strava segment which is all about a measured effort for about a minute.

Today, it is all about top end speed over a very short distance — 0.1 of a mile to be exact. The fastest Zwifters are getting it done in 6 seconds. I’m very happy just to get it under 8 seconds. Check out the video as I bring it home at 7.9 seconds and take the green jersey — for a little bit.

I’m still impressed with Zwift. Not only are they building a cool software platform, but they know what they are doing when it comes to building a community. I guess some of that could change when people have to plunk down cash for the opportunity to participate, but 3 months of access will cost less than my single race this weekend.

The best compliment I can pay to program is that it is truly immersive. As you ride you react to the environment around you. You know that the riders coming up beside you are not simply a video recording of a previous ride. No, this is Scottie Weiss in Virginia, Howie Schulman in New York, Nate Robinson in Ohio, Nathan Guerra in Wisconsin, Hendrik Hirsch in Germany, and… you get the idea. The final step is to bring voice chat capability to riders within a proximity of your avatar.

I believe you can see in the video that the speed matches the effort. Sure, I know I can produce more wattage on the road. I can’t wait to get back on the road with consistency. Even then Zwift will be a part of my weekly workouts. I’ve enjoyed meeting old friends there and making new ones.

You can go fast without moving an inch.