I was not dead. Just mostly dead.

Has it been seventeen days since my last post? In some ways it doesn’t seem that long ago and yet in other ways it seems like an eternity. Today I’m just dropping in to let you know I am still alive.

In those three weeks, I have been on the bicycle two times. Both of those times in the last three days. I can chalk up the hiatus to a nasty bout with bronchitis.

This is the first year in several where I have been hit this hard. There was a time back in the early 2000s when I got this gunk like clockwork every spring. It was actually the bicycle that I believe rescued me from that cycle.

The exercise on the bike brought me in my 40s the best health since college — maybe even high school. Sure I’ve had a cold here and there and even some bronchial issues, but nothing like this most recent attack. I was laid low for an entire week. The nagging and seemingly continual cough lingered through this weekend.

I do wonder if perhaps my January workouts affected me. I really went hard and my fatigue level was high. Yes, I was fit muscularly, but I was tired. It was right as I was considering a break that the mess hit me. Maybe some bug found me when I was weak and I’ve been paying for it for the last three weeks.

Anyway, I’m back! I was able to ride the trainer last night with only one attack of my cough. Seems I get it early in an effort and then once I begin to cool down. Once I am going I seem to breath the best.

I’m looking forward to spending some time on Zwift Island and then finding my way outdoors. Already I’m feeling an excitement about the coming time change. The days are growing longer and soon will be warmer. I can’t wait!

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Jonathan started riding mountain bikes in the early 1990s. After discovering the ride can start at the end of his driveway, he moved to the road in 2006. Little did he know that first pedal stroke would lead him on an adventure that has become much larger than the bicycle.