One lap of Zwift’s new island: Watopia

No secret that I love the indoor trainer software, Zwift. I’ve logged over 70 hours on my trainer since receiving a beta invite to the online community. That’s over 1200 miles and enough virtual climbing to have crested Mount Everest well over two times. So, I was excited when Zwift introduced a new course for us to ride called Watopia.

Watopia. Get it? I’ll say, it does require a good amount of wattage. There is a pretty good climb that was missing from Zwift’s prior island, Jarvis. There are also now rollers included in the topography and a longer sprint — around 20 seconds.

I’m certain my time on the island will begin to slow as the beautiful weather comes to Greenville. However, with my schedule I will certainly find my way into the basement over the the next months. Zwift also means that I won’t be riding in the rain unless I have to do it.

I assume the beta program will end before the next winter season rolls around. Of course, it is turning winter somewhere in the world and Zwift knows no boundaries. Just yesterday I was on with a number of riders from the UK.

So, enjoy the video and check out I promise my next video won’t be a screen capture!

Want to see Watopia from the other direction? Check it out here.