Sometimes smiles are more important than miles

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. I trust all my friends here in the United States were reminded throughout of the sacrifices made to allow us to enjoy our way of life. It is a great weekend to take a break, but never forget the somber undertones.

I did get out on my bicycle Saturday. That was it for the weekend cialis generique ligne. Sunday I was with family and Monday I actually worked the morning and then spent the afternoon retrieving a quadcopter from a water oak in my neighbor’s yard. My son had accidentally flown the drone too high and wind caught it and blew it into the tree.

Today there are supposed to be thunderstorms in the area. So, I knew if I was going to get it, it would have to be Monday. I got it down by putting foam golf balls on the business end of a target arrow. On the feather side of the arrow I connected fishing line. After much trial and error, I finally got the arrow over the branch where the drone was stuck about 60 feet in the air.

11219475_10153166993981655_5857505925638109047_oThat sounds kind of simple, but it wasn’t! I totaled up the time spent and figured it was around 8 hours total over three days. I also lost a couple of arrows up in the tree when the fishing line broke.

However, finally, I got the arrow over and then connected a stronger nylon rope to the end of the fishing line. My oldest son and I pulled it through the limbs until each of us could grab each end. After much jerking and swinging, we managed to get the quadcopter to fall out of the first limb into a lower one.

This time it went much smoother as we repeated to process to now knock it to an even lower branch. My 6′ 2″ 15-year old then climbed up on a ladder with a yard rake and knocked it clear. My 11-year old (and owner of the drone) was there to catch it.

There was much celebrating and I plopped down to the ground almost with tears of relief coming to my eyes. In all of this I was never sure we would be able to get it. Still, I knew I had to keep trying until there wasn’t time left to try again. A little fellow’s confidence in his father depended on it!

I’ve felt that same feeling on the bicycle. It comes at the end of those “epic” rides when you find yourself deep into the effort and you wonder if you can make it to the end. However, you really don’t have much of a choice. You just have to keep suffering along until you reach the end.

Once advice was given to me when you find yourself in that situation… “Just keep pedaling.” Well, sometimes it is “Just keep shooting,” or “Just keep typing,” or whatever challenge you are facing at the moment. Quitting never gets the drone, and never lets you see the smile of a child with his quadcopter.

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