HOP: John James’ Wild Thursday Night Ride Route

This video breaks a record. It is the longest video I’ve published to YouTube. However, the video does not capture the entire metric century that I rode that day. It does get the best part which is the Saturday morning Sunshine Cycle Shop group ride that leaves each week shortly before 8 AM.

Even if you don’t sit and watch the whole thing, you can skip through to watch portions of the ride in order to get an idea of the awesome riding we have here in the Greenville, SC area. This route is generally rolling with one climb of Paris Mountain’s Altamont Road thrown in near the end.

I call this one “John James’ Wild Thursday Night Ride Route” because it is a route we used for an “unofficial” shop ride. It wasn’t announced publicly and mainly the racer types showed up. It was fast! If you got dropped… Well, you knew the way home. The one regrouping spot was at the top of Paris.

Of course, the Saturday morning rides are not that way. It is more of a social ride with plenty of opportunities to regroup. I believe this year they may be changing up the routes each Saturday, so if you show up don’t necessarily expect to do this route. Don’t worry, I don’t think there are any bad ones.

Here is another little excerpt I took out of the video for Neal Herring. We were going up a little grade and Zac Webb attacked. I jumped on his wheel and then Neal lifted his pace to catch us and then come around. Knowing I had the two camera’s on the bicycle, he asked me if I captured that move. I sure did and here it is, just for Neal.

Hope to see you out there soon!