Watopia: The Other Way Round

Here it is folks! Your world on Watopia has been turned around. But wait! There’s more! With the latest release you can choose the way you wish to ride… at any point on the route. Can you say Climbing Repeats?

I woke up this morning to find that the Aussies were already getting a shot at the new update. I was scheduled to ride with a business associate. We were going to use some time on the bicycle to talk through a joint project. So it didn’t look like I would get a chance to try it out until the evening.

However, the morning brought rain and we decided to take a raincheck on our meeting. Suddenly, I had about an hour to spare before I would need to be in the office. “Jonathan!” I heard the voice from my basement… “Jonathan! Come to the island… acheter cialis avec paypal.” Well, I was already kitted out for my outside ride… “Jonathan! Now is your chance… Come to the island….”

And so I did. Direct link to YouTube.

If you want to see Watopia in the other direction, check it out here.

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About Jonathan Pait

Jonathan started riding mountain bikes in the early 1990s. After discovering the ride can start at the end of his driveway, he moved to the road in 2006. Little did he know that first pedal stroke would lead him on an adventure that has become much larger than the bicycle.