If at first you don’t succeed: More power!

There are those certain Strava segments that I just can’t get over. Try as I might, I just can’t get that extra oomph to get me over the top. The little hill near Cleveland Park is one of those.


Try as I might, I cannot get below 31 seconds. As you can see, it isn’t as though I have not tried. I’ve gone after it with different bikes. I have attempted it in big gearing and small. I got to the point where I just stopped trying.

Sunday afternoon I was out for an easy ride down town. It was actually a mistake that I ended up down in Cleveland Park. I made a wrong turn on the other side of Greenville. To get back home, I had to take the route through the park.

On a lark, I went for it as the lead in for an all-out attack on the climb was possible. I felt good. I started thinking about it as I headed for home. Maybe… just maybe… it was good enough.

Nope. As you can see above, June 7, 2015 shows 31s at 911 watts. I once again hit the 31s wall.

So, I went out again on Monday to try once more. The obsession was setting in again. I hoped by changing up my approach with my gearing I could at least tie with Ben Renkema for the KOM.

I took along my GoPro in hopes of creating an updated Strava Segment video in my series. Unfortunately, my Garmin 1000 was out of battery. I had to pull out an order 705 for the ride.

I got the Garmin going and then headed out. I enjoyed the morning and rodeĀ around the Cleveland Street area to warm up before the attempt. Then it was time to give it a go.

I started the GoPro and big ringed it down toward the traffic light that marks the turn onto Ridgeland Drive. If the light was green, then the attempt was a go. If it was red, then I would have to abort as you need the speed to get momentum for the first kick up.

The light was green and I attacked still in my 53×11. As soon as I felt resistance growing, I hit my SRAM shifter to pop two gears lower in the back. This kept me from feeling bogged down and allowed me to keep going over the top.

I had also been running the Strava iPhone app and expected to get some sort of announcement on my time. However, it never came. I can only assume that the heavy canopy of trees caused an issue.

I stopped to look. No way. Once again I landed a 31s attempt. Arrrrrggggghhhh! Well, at least I got my video.

You will notice there is no video with this post. The reason is that while the GoPro worked perfectly, the Garmin 705 did not maintain a connection with my power meter. I had no power data from the climb. Without it, I couldn’t create my video.

Maybe someone else will read this and like Ron Babington did on another segment in Cleveland Park, they will figure a way to break the spell. It could be that there is just someone else out there that has the right power-to-weight ratio to overcome the gravity that seems to be holding me down.


Hmmmmm, maybe if I lost a few pounds…