Strava Segment: Little Hill Near Cleveland Park

A few days ago in my post If at first you don’t succeed: More Power, I wrote of my frustrations with a certain segment near Cleveland Park. As a matter of fact, it is named Little Hill Near Cleveland Park on Strava. Today it is our next installment in the Strava Segment Series.

Several years ago, I created a segment video, but video and software has improved since then. So, I went out yesterday and captured an attempt. Unfortunately, I did so after a pretty hard effort up the CVS side of Paris Mountain and after putting out watts recording another segment for the series. You can tell by the way my power drops off at the end.

I do not know who created this segment. I discovered back in 2012 while KOM hunting. Strava was new to me then. It was like firing a shot gun into a huge flock of ducks. It was easy to find segments I had not done before, and at that time it wasn’t too hard landing KOMs as well.

This one fell to me with a time of 31 seconds. I hoped that the segment would be hidden for a bit seeing how it was not the normal loop around the park. Unfortunately, in less than three days, I lost it. Ben Renkema took the KOM with a time of 30 seconds.

11081415_10155344543340603_93107765442339886_nHere is Ben taking his first win of the year. He is known as a pretty good racer. He is another one of those guys around that have made it into the pro ranks having raced for Kenda Pro Cycling back in 2009. He currently races with the Elite Finish-Strong Team that is based here in Greenville. However, he is probably best known as the husband of Christy Red Rocket who can do stuff like this… 😉

Of course, I’ll keep slugging away in hopes that I can knock off that one second. I can’t imagine getting up that incline in 29 seconds. Seems the best I can hope for is a tie.

With my luck, Ben will probably read this and go out there and lay down a 29er — and I don’t mean wheel size. This is another instance where the combination of power and weight gives him a distinct advantage — not to mention experience and overall athleticism.

Still, hope remains that on a certain day I will be able to pop a perfect effort up the .1 mile distance with an average 8% grade. The key is going to be to hit the bottom with loads of momentum and then saving a bit for the final push at the end.

What time can you get on his Little Hill Near Cleveland Park?