Strava Strangeness

Monday night I arrived home after creating a new Strava segment. It had been awhile since I created one. I also wanted to see the data from the KOM attempt. What I didn’t expect was to go back in time!

I received a text from a friend asking if I had uploaded a ride from 2013. What? I wondered if it had something to do with me creating that segment and then Strava going back and looking through my history to build the new leaderboard. That would be kind of weird though.

The conversation ended and I put it out of my mind. Perhaps it was just an anomaly that just affected that one ride. It was time to write Tuesday’s blog post.

As usual, I sent the link out on social media. The link on Facebook generated some comments. The first comment from Matt Jaeggli confused me.

fbthreadI couldn’t understand why Matt would say that. I didn’t think I had given the indication that I had done the segment for the first time Monday evening. Just two days earlier I had written about my attempts on the segment as I tried to learn the best technique to get a good time.

When Edward commented, I suddenly realized what happened. It appears that quite a few of people who were one place behind me got notifications. My guess is that Matt also got a notification, and, like Edward, assumed that was the segment I referenced.

Then David Curran chimed in and mentioned that he got a notice as well. However, it wasn’t from me. So, I gather this was something that affected a number of accounts.

Did any of you also receive a notice that you “lost a KOM” on Monday evening June 29, 2015? Anyone have any information on what causes these Strava burps? I can’t recall this happening before.

I’d rather be sending those messages to Strava users with future KOMs, not ones from years past.

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