We’ve got two open teams and three open clubs

It was an exciting weekend at LowCadence.com. After getting the Unofficial Zwift Team and Club  Listing up and going, it was time to start collecting submissions. We currently have six teams listed and three clubs. There are also over 35 Zwift riders signed up as “unattached.”

Dealing with the unattached riders is going to be the biggest challenge. That will be my next project. However, if you are looking to participate in organized riding/racing on Zwift, consider one of these before jumping into the draft.

Available Teams

Left Coast Cycling Team
  • Zwift tag: Team LC
  • Manager: Ron Sines
  • Open
  • Current members: 3
  • Team page
Wheeling Through Fitness
  • Zwift tag: RSA-Cycling
  • Manager: Wesley Briant
  • Open
  • Current members: 1
  • Team page

Available Clubs

I Do It For ___ Cycling Club

MZGR Cycling Club

Cycling South Africa

Check out the entire listing at LowCadence.com/Zwift.

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