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After much discussion and looking at how things are playing out practically, I’ve reached the conclusion to remove the limits on the number of people who can be members of a team on the Unofficial Zwift Team and Club Listing. A number of teams have reached the limit. You will now see those teams listing more that 15 riders.

Why the change?

  1. The problem we were trying to avoid has not happened.

A concern with larger teams is that they could take over a race with sheer numbers. However, there are a couple of reasons why that has not been an issue. 1) Numbers are not necessarily a help on Zwift. It is harder to control a race in this virtual world, and the draft created by a large group is easily taken advantage of by all riders. 2) The international flavor of teams on Zwift mean not all team members can easily participate in races. You will find out of 15 teammates, 10 might gravitate to one particular timezone and 5 to another.

2.  “The List” is not the place to manage team size.

Primarily based on the second reason above, I don’t think that “The List” is the best place to manage participants in a race. I think that is best handled by the organizers of the race. IF there are going to be limits, the organizers can communicate that to the teams. The team managers could then draw from their rosters to formulate the representative team for that event. This takes us back to the second point above, too limited of a roster and it would be hard for a manager to get riders in the ever growing number of races in multiple time zones.

3. “The List” is just that… a list.

Tam Burns has a pretty cool set up for controlling the World Championships. The teams created in his system are limited for that particular race. He is able to enforce that because he controls it. With this list, there is no way to control who shows up and races. There are not ramifications for any team that shows up with riders who are not on the official unofficial roster! If there is one thing people can’t stand, it is setting up rules that you can’t or don’t plan to enforce.

So, there you have it. The teams will continue to grow. Should a problem arise we’ll all deal with it then. Until then… Ride On! and Race On!

Enjoy the Halloween weight loss!

Enjoy the Halloween weight loss!

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