I Ride For Windell Countdown Day 3

I don’t know if it has yet hit me that I am rolling out in three days on the 2016 Ride For Mike. I know I’ve caused some confusion… So, is this Ride For Mike or is it Ride For Windell? The answer is “Yes.”

Michael T. McCaskill with baby Grace

Michael T. McCaskill with baby Grace

It is the Ride For Mike because the I Do It For Foundation was started and continues to operate in his memory. I set a goal back in 2007 to ride in a charity ride each year in his memory. It is something I’ve managed and some of them have been pretty epic!

So, every ride I do for the I Do It For Foundation is a “Ride For Mike.” The person I am honoring or the cause for which I am riding can change. That is why this year’s edition of the Ride For Mike is “I Ride For Windell.” As I am riding to honor my father who is recovering from a stroke he had in June.

Greenville to Charleston

2011 Ride For Mike Route

In some ways, this is a return to the old days. After doing several organized rides, I began to branch out to organize my own events. The first of these was the 2010 Ride For Mike from Memphis, TN to Apex, NC — a 730-mile solo ride over 7 days. Then in 2011 I followed up with a Greenville, SC to Charleston, SC ride — a 220-mile solo ride in one day.

Then I think I just got tired! In 2012 – 2015 I participated in already established rides for my Rides For Mike. The only break in that was 2013 when I helped Michael T’s dad, Mike, finish his first century ride. However, it wasn’t as challenging as those first solo rides.

This two-day (maybe one-day?) 240 miles ride is going to be a challenge. I trained hard for the Greenville to Charlotte ride. I have rarely averaged over two hours on any ride in 2016. I wouldn’t say that I fear I can’t do it. I would say that I dread how I know it is going feel. So, at this point, I put this attempt right up there with the 2010 and 2011 rides.

Greenville, SC to Bladenboro, NC

2016 Ride For Mike

Follow along with me as I prep to leave Friday morning. I’ll be keeping everyone up-to-date via social media as the ride progresses. It will be interesting to see how far I can get on day one. Find out by following on Instagram.