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Pedaling Nowhere

Logan Watts riding through Mexico

Logan Watts riding through Mexico

Several months ago, the CEO of The Worthwhile Company received a call from Logan Watts. Logan was (is) a rock star designer in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was calling to offer to sell his award winning company to Worthwhile.

While very happy to expand Worthwhile into North Carolina by building on the reputation of Logan and his company, BigNoise Interactive, I couldn’t help but wonder about Logan’s goal. He was successful and his company was in a position to move to a new level. What was he moving to with his life?

Over the next few months, Logan continued as an active part of the Worthwhile/Big Noise team. I had the opportunity to get to know Logan a little better. It gave me a few clues into his interests.

In one of my first meetings with him, I noticed he was wearing socks with a NORBA logo on them. I asked him if he enjoyed mountain biking. I got a definite affirmative and learned that Logan enjoyed escaping to the single track on his mountain bike.

That still didn’t explain his ultimate objective in selling his company to become an employee. I didn’t have the relationship with him to really delve into the question. It wasn’t until near the time he left on an extended sabbatical in November that I learned his intentions — at least for the short term.

What was driving Logan? Adventure

What was driving Logan? Adventure

Logan was headed to Mexico. Not only was he headed to Mexico, he was off to Mexico with a bicycle. Seems that what Logan needed in his life at this time was ADVENTURE. You can read his thoughts about it here.

Wow. While I am very, very happy with where I am in my life, I must admit that there is a romantic part of me that is drawn to Logan’s thought process. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do my own epic tour…

Until then, I’ll just enjoy Logan’s adventure as he pedals nowhere at

Meet the I Do It For ___ board

I’m having to fight the urge to jump in to design mode with the I Do It For Foundation website. I know that in a couple of months all the work I would do during the time will be replaced with something much better. There are better ways to spend my time at this moment.

However, I did want to take a moment to get up a page introducing you all to the charter members of the I Do It For Foundation board. We don’t plan to stop here. We are starting with three just to get the ball rolling. We hope to expand it as we are able to present possible members with a more developed structure.

For now, swing on by read about Mike McCaskill, David Mruz and Jonathan Pait. Again, please excuse the rudimentary web page. You can click on the page header to go to the I Do It For Foundation home page.

Meet the I Do It For ___ board.

Now, I’m going to go ride my bicycle!

Browne nosing

No time for a blog post this morning. With the Giro d’Italia underway and Taylor Phinney having two headline grabbing performances in a row, I’ll just point you over to the Browne Eye blog for an interesting post on the subject. I’ll be back Wednesday.

Can Phinney save cycling in America?

Americans love winners. It’s a cliché, but true. Taylor Phinney’s win in stage 1 of the Giro d’ Italia won’t project him onto the front page of newspaper’s here in the States as that’s reserved for the one bike race Americans know – the Tour de France. However, I’m hoping Phinney’s victory in Henning helps save cycling in the U.S.continue reading…

The Browne Eye blog is written by Neil Browne.

I need Noodle for a backbone

Only nine more days of planning and anxious waiting until I throw my leg over the top tube and take that first stroke toward making it all a reality. There have been times when I thought I must be dreaming — or was lost in a pain pill induced stupor — to think that I could accomplish the goals I’ve set for the 2010 Ride for Mike. Then I came upon Noodle. Now I know I can make this dream come true.

Janeen McCrae is a writer from New York by way of Australia. Now she is a rider as well as she joins her pals Precious, Zimmerman, and Fletch as they make their way across America. As she uses her legs to make her way across the country raising money to put a stop to the monster cancer, she uses her fingers to make her way into the hearts of hundreds of those who read her blog. I would be one of those.

It isn’t that I don’t know other people who have accomplished — or are currently attempting — the feat of riding solo across the country. Right now there is a fellow Greenvillian, Don Dobbs, who is making his way home from Oregon.  Then there is my college buddy Ken Dockery and his Inspire Hope Tour. Still, there is something different about Noodle (Janeen’s nickname) and her unsupported ride across the country.

“Wait,” you say. “She is unsupported? What about Precious, Zimmerman, and Fletch?” You really can’t blame Janeen for naming and having conversations with her equipment. Zimmerman is her single wheeled trailer that she pulls behind her bike… You guessed it, “Precious.” We were introduced to Fletch, her rear view mirror attached to her helmet, about a month into their adventure.

Precious and Zimmerman

Two of the Noodle team

It is the way she expresses herself describing the surroundings of her adventure that draw you in. You find yourself willing her up the next hill — or mountain as the case may be soon (she is heading into the Rockies). You even find yourself talking to Zimmerman!

I know that part of it is that I am forming an empathetic connection with Janeen because I know that soon I too will be feeling some of the same emotions. Granted, my attempt is not nearly of the same magnitude as hers. It is that fact that gives me great encouragement as I set out on my 700 mile in 7 days adventure. If Noodle can ride Precious across the country all by herself with only Zimmerman as her support and Fletch watching her back… surely I can ride through five states.

You can follow Janeen at her blog, No Direction Known, and on Twitter (@thenoodleator). Of course, don’t forget about her bike with brain at During the time we’ll both be on the road at the same time, I will bring to mind the tenacity and gumption of this diminutive writer/rider. It will be good to have some Noodle in my backbone when the going gets tough! goes live

The Worthwhile Company is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the Greenville, South Carolina based Palmetto Orthopaedic Associates Cycling Team. Known in the Southeast simply as POA, the team has made a name for itself in two years and is poised for even greater success in 2010. Worthwhile captures this success by providing the team with a website that conveys the drive and teamwork with which POA races.

The new site allows friends and fans to follow along with the team as they campaign in the 2010 cycling season. Users can learn more about the team members by visiting the roster page to read bios and see individual race results. The site also catalogs the team’s overall successes on the results page. 2010 promises to have a lot of data!

Team manager, Blair LaMarche, will be keeping everyone up-to-date with what is happening within the team at the site’s blog. The entire site is designed on the WordPress framework and this allows the team to easily keep not only the blog current, but the blogging process is used to maintain the entire website. Follow along with Blair (and other riders) as they record the events of the season.

On the events page you can see the races in which POA team members will be racing. However, POA Cycling is about more than just racing bicycles. The team also supports the cycling community by providing a series of races during the year including the St. Francis Sports Medicine Summer Series, the South Carolina Time Trial Championships, the South Carolina Road Racing Championship, and the Fall Extravaganza (now in it’s second year). Information about these events will be presented on the site in the Events section. Information about the team’s involvement in charity events will also be presented here.

The team knows all this takes support and that is why the sponsors receive exposure throughout the site — not only on each page, but in a unique sponsors’ section devoted to the various sponsors who help the team receive the very best equipment and support. Sponsors get exposure on the website, but also the team’s uniforms, printed materials, and through various social media outlets.

The visually appealing site also provides a glimpse at the action throughout the year as users are able to view photos from the various events. Once again Worthwhile makes it easy for the team to manage this section by integrating Facebook galleries into the WordPress framework. More social media integration will come as The Worthwhile Company team continues to enhance the experience.

Behold the bamboo bike

While popping into Sunshine Cycle Shop a week or so ago, I met Phil Webb.  He had an interesting creation with him.  It was a bamboo bike.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

I had never seen a bamboo bike up close.  This one was pretty cool.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a traditional bike with a radical paint job.  It was only until I looked closer that I noticed it was bamboo.

The joints are held together with carbon fiber and resin.  The bike was pretty stiff and didn’t weigh as much as I thought it would.  Though I didn’t get to ride it (it was being built up when I saw it), I can imagine it would be a pretty comfortable ride.

It was also educational to learn the process used to create the frame.  Bamboo has natural properties that allow it to be used as bike making material.  I was interested to learn that by baking the bamboo you cause the sugars inside to stiffen with the bamboo fibers – much like resin permeating carbon fiber.

Joints are carbon fiber and resin

Joints are carbon fiber and resin

Visit to learn more about Phil’s project that is about much more than the bike.  It is his desire to help teach skills and provide employment to provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care for a better life for people in Southeast Asia.  At his site you can learn more about his goals as well as the bike.

Good luck, Phil.  I hope we’ll see one of your bamboo creations here on the roads of Greenville soon.

That race over in France

I decided not to add my two cents worth to the racing taking place across the pond.  There are plenty of sites offering coverage and commentary of the event.  Since there is nothing really unique for me to add, I figure to spare you all from constant updates about stuff you already know.

However, there are two blogs you might want to check out.  These will give you a unique perspective from some Greenvillians who are actually there to see the race.  Check them out!

Steve Sperry and Elizabeth Brady have been in Europe for some time now.  They got to see some of the Giro and now are taking in the festival that is the – you know, that bicycle race going on where they are.  You can find their descriptions (and pictures) at Tour of Europe.

Then there is Rich Hincapie and his dad.  They are over watching a certain relative do massive lead outs for the fastest man on two wheels.  Rich is able to give some insights that you don’t always get from Versus or a typical fan.  So, head on over to the Rich Hincapie Blog and enjoy.

What is your favorite way to keep up with the race?  It was nice for it to start on a holiday weekend as it made it possible to enjoy the first couple of days live.  Now it is back to work.  I’ll have to wait until later in the evening to catch the action.

But, I’m not going to talk about it 🙂

This saddle rocks!

It is about time for a Random Page of the Day installment… and do I mean random!

I love me Specialized Toupe saddle.  It is a little scratched up and not so pretty anymore, but it is like a comfortable old friend.  I’m afraid to ever switch to another saddle for fear of the uncomfortable consequences.

Guess I’m not a Real Man.  If I were, I would want the Saddle for REAL MEN!  Somehow I think my relationship with such a saddle would be a little rocky.

Of course, this piece of humor comes from the ruminations of the late Sheldon Brown.  He always had a way to make sure cyclists didn’t take themselves too seriously.  Thanks to the Internet, his gifts to the bicycling world continue on.

On to other things… Upstate rider for Columbia-Highroad, Craig Lewis, is racing this week in the Tour of Romandie.  Yesterday was a time trial.  Craig finished 12 seconds behind his leader and teammate Frantisek Rabon.

I didn’t get out to Donaldson Center last night.  I heard it was a pretty tough one.  Would have liked to have been out there, but I have to remember to keep my priorities straight.  I love riding my bike, but there are more important things in life… I’m thinking primarily of the beautiful redhead and the Things Three.

I’m not saying ‘nuthin’ – just watch

Came across this video from Robbie Ventura’s Twitter feed.  What can you say?  Just watch.

“Filmed over the period of a few months in and around Edinburgh by Dave Sowerby, this video of Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill features probably the best collection of street/street trials riding ever seen. There’s some huge riding, but also some of the most technically difficult and imaginative lines you will ever see. Without a doubt, this video pushes the envelope of what is perceived as possible on a trials bike.”

Did Bernhard Eisel run in the final sprint?

Okay, this from‘s PeloPics… Is it an optical illusion or does it appear that the Columbia rider, Bernhard Eisel, is RUNNING in the sprint?  Check out the picture here. Either that or his legs are spinning so fast that you can’t see them!  Anyone know exactly what was going on here?

It was a nasty crash.  I’d be glad to be on this side of the mess on my bike or running beside it. Hope the riders suffering injuries from it will be up and going soon. A couple of big name riders left wounded.