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Today’s Twitter Trail (2011-10-28)

  • 2011 Ride for Mike, Part III #cycling #
  • And yet another pledge has come in for the 2011 Ride for Mike. We are now at $12,460! Thank you, once again! #
  • I'm surprised how long it is taking me to recover from Monday's ride. It is Thursday and I'm still feeling a little under. #
  • Just finished a session with Dr. Mruz @EastsideChiroDC. Finally starting to feel human again. The cyclist's chiro! #

Today’s Twitter Trail (2011-10-25)

  • 2011 Ride for Mike is underway! #cycling #
  • He pulled out at 6:03 heading to Malden on the ride for Mike #
  • Thank you Mike and Janet McCaskill and Eddie Helton for seeing us off today #
  • First hour complete things are going well we are in fountain inn and the sun will rise soon #
  • Sunrise corresponded perfectly with the headlight and taillight on the bike going dead. #
  • Two hours in and on time. #
  • Had some fun drafting off Eddie at 35 miles an hour #
  • Right on time in Saluda, SC! Feeling good and eating a Subway sandwich. Next stop… Orangeburg! #
  • Reached our 10 o'clock stop on time. Dave and Jonathan are riding together. Beautiful day and things are going well. #
  • Dave is heading home and Jonathan onto Orangeburg. #
  • Suffering through killer hills. #
  • Six hours down! #
  • Navigator feels like a heel. Missed a turn. Going back by half a mile to catch it. #
  • Despite all the dirt roads and missed turns, WE WILL make it to Orangeburg! #
  • Thanks for the pledges to the 2011 Ride for Mike. You guys have not only covered me to Charleston… you've put me in the ocean! #
  • A special surprise in Orangeburg. My mom and sister showed up! Now on to Charleston – 75 miles. #
  • One hour down toward Charleston. #
  • This road and this weather are a perfect combination for riding. Now if you just had a fresh pair of legs… #
  • After 220 miles, a fearful wife, and getting pulled over by the sheriff; making the decision to do last miles of Ride for Mike in the car. #
  • Okay, we made it to MUSC. I AM STARVING! Got some exciting news to share tonight! #
  • Excited to announce the total for the 2011 Ride for Mike is $12,140! You can still give – You are loved Bekah! #