I Do It For Foundation


Passionate people making a personal difference through fundraising.

What makes the I Do It For Foundation unique?

There are many wonderful organizations that have a dedicated focus of bringing awareness to a cause. They help people by
putting laser focus on fighting a disease or meeting the needs of groups of people. We join them in their desire.

What is different about I Do It For ___ is that our focus is recognizing, encouraging and supporting individuals who are facing a disease or need. We will let other groups go to war against the cancer. We desire to celebrate the one fighting with their own life.

How do we do it?

We are currently building a turn-key solution that provides tools to individuals who wish to stage events to bring encouragement to and raise funds to help individuals in need. This includes web tools for organization, promotion and fundraising. But it doesn’t stop at the web, I Do It For ___ provides promotional items to help motivate others to join you in your project. These include coffee, t-shirts, jerseys and more.

Listen to this story…

Mark has a brother who is battling cancer. The doctors are only giving him 30% chance of survival. Traditional means of battling the cancer are not working. Mark is looking for some way to give his brother a fighting chance and to encourage him in this dark hour.

The family learns of an experimental process that has had marked success in fighting this particular strain of cancer. However, it will cost over $100,000. Insurance will not cover the treatment, but he is determined to act.

Mark contacts I Do It For ___ and the foundation springs into action. The foundation works with the family to find the best option for taking the money in trust to help alleviate tax burdens. Once the trust is established, the staff helps Mark determine his project. In this case, Mark decides he is going to ride his bike across the state all in one day. It is an ambitious undertaking and Mark believes it is worthy to show his commitment to his brother.

I Do It For ___ helps Mark make his plans for the journey, begins promoting through the web site — IRideFor.org/Jack — and begins taking pledges for the project. The news media picks up on the story, people are coming to the site and as they pledge the total is kept up-to-date. They also have the option to receive t-shirts, cycling jerseys and other options to help spread the word and show emotional support for Jack.

Now Mark makes his plans with dozens of people wearing I Ride For Jack t-shirts. Some have given and receive I Ride For Jack cycling jerseys. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with mentions by supporters and interested friends supporting Jack and the ride. Not only is Mark encouraged for his ride, but Jack is encouraged in his fight.

Mark rolls off with dozens of family and friends riding along side with their I Ride For Jack jerseys. Jack follows along in a follow vehicle with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. $50,000 was raised to get the treatment started.

The best thing? This has cost Mark, Jack and their family $0. The I Do It For Foundation provides the support for free. 100% of the funds raised goes to the trust for Jack.

Why your support of the foundation is important?

We depend on corporate donations and special I Do It For Foundation events to raise the funds necessary to cover the promotional and administrative expenses that allow someone like Mark to raise and give 100% to the need.

Will you become a friend of the foundation? Catch the vision of thousands of Marks around the country lifting up one life at a time. We need you to move I Do It For ___ forward. We are thankful for those who already give of their time and money to make the mission come alive. We at I Do It For ___ love and appreciate them!