Bye, bye, $5000

I try to live a balanced life. As a Christian I also try to follow the Biblical command to “be anxious for nothing… let your requests be made known to God.” However, Christians aren’t perfect… I’m certainly not! So I have to admit I was starting to get pretty anxious the last couple of days. Once again though, God showed He is perfect in my weakness.

Getting ready for the big one

It hit me this morning as I was getting ready for the day that this time next week, I will be somewhere on the road between here and Austin, Texas. I’ll be honest, my mind is aware of it, but it has not yet become a reality. It seems that the hardest thing about this trip is getting ready for it!

Closing a door to open another

So, as I close the door on 2009, I’m thinking about the new year. I’ve decided to have a coach to help me formulate the plans that will help me reach the goals I hope to set. I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared of the commitment. Then again, I was scared when I set my sights on climbing Mt. Mitchell. I was scared when I pulled up to the line for my first race.

Next stop… the Land of Lance

This year my main hopes are for safety and that our team will get along well together – both as individuals and riders. After that, I’m aiming to enjoy the time in Austin as the Beautiful Redhead will be joining me there this year. Finally, I hope I’ll once again get to ride with Lance like I was able to do during last year’s LiveSTRONG Challenge 90 mile ride.

Riding for Mike and more

Cancer wasn’t something that touched my life very specifically growing up. For the most part, my extended family was free of the disease. None of my immediate family members had to face it. It was something that happened to people farther outside my sphere of relationships.

Then, in 2006 that changed. My friend, Mike McCaskill – who was a decade younger than I, was diagnosed with a brain cancer. My bubble of immunity was shattered.

Bette gives to the Wall of Love in memory of Jennifer Jane Uwarow

Thank you to Bette Uwarow, one of my co-workers, for giving to the Wall of Love in honor of her daughter-in-law, Jennifer. Bette’s testimony throughout Jennifer’s sickness and subsequent passing was inspiring. Our prayers now are with you, Nick, and Peter as you move forward. What a joy to know what you will all meet again.