Low Cadence Zwift Racing Series

THIS CONCEPT IS NOT APPROVED OR SANCTIONED BY ZWIFT. There is no official connection between this concept and Zwift.

This is an experiment in attempting to find a way to bring organization to a Low Cadence branded race series on Zwift. The concept is to have an external vetting process that will better group riders in more competitive categories while seeking to limit the effect inaccurate data has  on the races.

This is a form for discussion. To see the entire form be sure to choose your preferred unit of measurement. The form is operational, but any entries will not be used in the finished product.

The concept is to make the bar for entry a little higher so that those participating are more knowledgeable, serious enough to take multiple steps, and passionate about having as fair a playing field as we can.

Could someone cheat using this concept? Sure. However, I believe it would narrow the opportunities and also help reveal a cheater more readily.

By the way, it works like this… After a rider is vetted, they will receive a “virtual bib number” that shows the classification in which they will be racing. These will be REQUIRED in order to participate and must be displayed next to the surname of each competitor. You then race against those with a common bib number. For example: A female racing with zpower would receive the following bib number LCFZ001 (LC: Low Cadence / F: Female / Z: Calculated power / 001: individual identifier for finisher leaderboard).

So…. What do you think? Overkill? Does it need more? Does it need less?