There are multiple ways to help I Do It For Foundation carry out its mission supporting passionate people making a personal difference through fundraising. Take a look at these options. If you find your heart is drawn to the work of the foundation, we trust you will consider sporting the cause. As we move forward, these offerings will provide more detail and present direct ways to act. For now, contact us if you are interested in participating.

Foundation Partnership

The Foundation Partnership is for organizations wishing to support the foundation while using it to help involve its members or employees in I Do It For projects. These partners will be provided with specially branded pages to list and promote their projects to the community.  I Do It For serves as their base for charitable outreach.

Event Sponsor

Our vision is to hold multiple events in various locations. We will have a need for a growing number of event sponsors. These sponsors can provide financial and service support.

These sponsors will be recognized for their participation on event promotion and designated signage.

Gear Sponsor

An important component of bringing awareness and emotional support to our Inspirations is the personalized gear we provide. Currently we provide t-shirts and other active apparel items. These items currently represent the highest expense in our budget.

Sponsors will have options for logo placement on the items of their choice depending on availability.

Foundation Friends

This option is available to those individuals who have a passion for I Do It For, but are unable to participate to a great degree financially. We know that this is where money isn’t as important as the passion! These friends are a force for spreading the word about I Do It For and identifying those people whom the foundation wish to serve.

Contact us

Thank you for your patience as we continue to lay the foundation for I Do It For. God has seen fit to make our growth gradual. However, we continue to grow and are excited about the future ahead. The future depends on your help. Contact us to find out specifically how you can help.