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This remote has not back and forward

I went back to January 1, 2009 to check out what I had to say about the new year. There I found some goals I had set out for myself. Now on January 1, 2010, I’m looking back — and forward. One thing I know about it all is that I can’t go back and change what happened and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

Isn’t that a good thing? I can’t change the past, but it is also done with. No need to keep trying to relive it or fix it. The future is wide open. Sure, I know things are going to happen and most likely not exactly the way I have planned. That is the excitement of it.

So, here is to looking back for a moment.

I had four goals for myself when it came to cycling. 1) Finish Mt. Mitchell in 6 hours and 30 minutes. I watched that goal slip away on the road up to the summit when the clock clicked past at the gate. I ended up finishing in 6 hours and 45 minutes. Still, it was a good show and a respectable time.

2) I hoped to pick up some points racing in Category 4. At least I moved up for the 2009 season, but don’t think I had any points to show for it. My highest place finish was 4th in the very first race. It kind of went downhill from there. Still, before the season was over I was racing with a great bunch of guys (and gal) on the POA Cycling Team.

3) Another trip to Texas was in my plans. That goal, I am happy to say, was completed. I even had my wife join me in Austin this year and she rode her first 40 mile ride during the LiveSTRONG Challenge. It was a highlight of the year.

4) Would LowCadence.com still be around a year later? I hoped it would grow back when I put up that post, but I wondered if I could stay with it that long. Well, 2009 was one of my more consistent years for blogging ever. I’m glad I’ve stuck it out and the reward is getting to know you all.

Other notable unplanned things about the year? Well, joining POA was one of them. Ah, that pinky finger break in February that took me out of some of the Spring Series races. Then there was the crash at the South Carolina Road Race Championships that took out my 2009 Giant. I wouldn’t have thought I would have a coach at this time either.

However, most of the memories aren’t real measurable. Laughing with my team on the way to Texas, seeing a beautiful vista open up from the top of Paris Mountain as I saw rows of mountains on a crisp day, and buying my son’s first road bike. Those are just a few of the many images, sounds, and thoughts swirling around in my mind.

So, what about the future?

Well, I guess I have to lay out my goals for the year. I’ve had to be thinking about these for some time because my coach (one of those unimagined events) has had me spell them out. I reckon January 1, 2011 will prove them reality or not.

1) A goal is to finish in the top 5 of a targeted race. Frankly, the unsaid goal is to win it. I’m not saying which one here in case some of the competition might be reading! With that comes the racing goal of finishing each race better than the corresponding 2009 event.

2) Paris Mountain once again looms and casts a shadow on my plans. I want to climb Altamont Road in 11 minutes 15 seconds. Wow. This is a very daunting goal to me. When I consider how long it took me to get 11:35… well… this one has me shaking. However, I will be better prepared for this goal than ever.

3) I will not be riding Texas this year. I will return to the Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride in the future. However, this year I am focusing the Ride For Mike solely on Mike McCaskill. In September or October of 2010 I will ride over 700 miles from Memphis to Greenville to Raleigh. The trip is planned for seven days.

4) As for the blog? I have no plans. It has been a good run and I see no reason to end it. Daily readership has more than doubled. However, I am not going to aim for some readership goal or anything like that. The joy of the blog should come in the sharing. Sometimes goals can get in the way of passion. We can get so caught up in obtaining that we lose what we could gain. I will write because I want to. I won’t when I don’t.

I hope you will come along with me. One thing is for sure, I’ve never entered a year with more preparation. I’m looking forward to where the bike will take me in 2010. I’m also content with where LowCadence.com might lead.

I’ll see you there.