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Garmin Edge 500 bike mount video

My morning didn’t go so well. My time on the trainer left me feeling pretty sore. Then I settled down to watch UNC play Kentucky just to find my Heels losing badly (though they came back gamely toward the end).  It was a bit of a bright spot to see a package delivered to my front door.  I figured it would be my new Garmin Edge 500.

Comparing the Garmin Edge 705 with the 500

Comparing the Garmin Edge 705 with the 500

I opened the package and let it charge while I finished watching the game. Then it was off down stairs to mount it on the bike. If the rest of the experience goes as well as that installation, I’m sure I will be very happy with the computer.

As you can see in the above picture, it is much smaller than the 705.  That is the first positive when it comes to mounting the device.  However, the best thing about it is the way the new twist-disk attaches to the bike.

Instead of the cable ties that you had to use to connect the click on 705 mount, the 500 gives you a number of rubber bands (much like come with bike lighting kits).  These bands can be secured to the four corners of the disk (disks have corners? well these do) and wrap around the stem.  No more cutting cable ties if you want to move the computer from one bike to another.

Speaking of multiple bikes, the 500 came with two mounts.  So, I can have one on my white TCR Advanced and have another one ready for when I build up my black TCR Advanced frame.  Nice.

You can watch the below video to see exactly what it looks like and how it works.  It is pretty slick.  I like it.  Of course, I’ve got to take it out on a ride for the final test.  I’ll be reporting more here later.

Right now, I have to head out for a progressive dinner with the beautiful redhead’s family.  I’ll have to give the Garmin Edge 500 a further test tomorrow.  Thanks, Garmin!