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Random Page of the Day (Volume 1, Issue 1)

It is a wild, wild, world out there on the World Wide Web. I certainly don’t want my readers limited to just my narrow view of the experiences of a cyclist. It is time to expose you all to the varied world of the sport. So, I am instituting the “Random Page of the Day” post that will appear from time to time.

Okay, I admit it. It is just that I am lazy and can’t always think of something to write about… or I have something really valuable to write about but I don’t want to research enough to make it worthwhile. So, I hope you enjoy this filler.

It is what I call it, a random page. It is some page about cycling that I have seen in the past or have come upon as I check out various sites. Today’s is an oldie but goody.

From BikeRadar.com and the Fat Cyclist comes, “Tips For Becoming A Roadie.” Both mountain bikers and roadies should enjoy this one… triathletes? Maybe not.

My favorite tip for becoming a roadie?

6. Your body needs to change.

As a mountain biker, you’ve no doubt noticed it’s quite helpful to have not just strong legs, but strong arms as well. Roadies, on the other hand, regard their arms as a necessary evil, their sole function being to keep their chests from falling onto the bike’s stem.

It’s a well-known fact that roadies bind their arms to their sides when not riding bikes, doing everything they can to facilitate the atrophy of these non-contributing limbs.

Enjoy! Have your own favorite cycling related Web page? Pass it along and it may be my next Random Page of the Day (Volume 1, Issue 2). Thanks for reading LowCadence.com!