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No race for me today

I am typing this in a medicated stupor. it is either that or convulse with cough and cough. I feel like I’ve been through an abs crunching routine driven by a drill sergeant. My chest hurts, my diaphragm is sore, and my head is woozy.

I was hoping to get out to the Greenville Spring Training Series race today. I knew it would mean that I would have brave the cold temperatures, but I was excited that my morning had opened up and could race. Then Wednesday morning it hit.

It started as a little tickle in my chest. As the day went on, I found that the tickle was turning into an itching sensation and the coughing was starting to grow worse. I feared for my session I was supposed to teach at my church that night, but I was thankful that I made it through with only a couple of interruptions.

By the middle of that night though, all bets were off. My wife ended up moving to another room   because of my fits of coughing. And so it has been for the last two days.

I get some relief by breathing over a humidifier. I’ve never liked taking medicine much, but this time I went after it. I want to knock this thing out as soon as possible. I still have my sights set on my original plan of February 28’s River Falls race.

A side benefit of all this is that my time off the bike has resolved the pain in my calf muscles. My fatigue has also come more into line so that while my fitness had dropped a few points, my form is moving into the positive area. That should be good for when I am able to get back on the bike.

So, good luck to your brave souls heading out into the frigid temperatures to race. To my friends on Zwift Island keep the roads hot. Once I can beat this cold, I’ll be back!