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Miles for money

I know I keep writing about Zwift. As soon as they stop doing things that give me a reason to write, I will probably stop. Today is not that day.

As a company, one of the things that has impressed me about Zwift is their savvy use of the social aspect of cycling. An important component of the cycling community are charity rides and causes. They’re not waiting until they have the product complete. Even now in the beta testing period they have used their program to show their support for a charity ride.


This means a lot to me because of my own involvement in using cycling for a cause with the I Do It For Foundation. So, when I saw that Zwift was encouraging riders to download the promotional jersey for opportunity to raise $5000 for the Tour De Pier and fight cancer, I knew I would need to log in and do some laps!



Here’s what Zwift has to say about it…

Make Your Miles Count! Today May 9th thru May 16th, you can join in and help the Zwift community raise funds for cancer charity. All you have to do is unlock the  Tour de Pier kit in game by pressing “p” and enter promo code “TDP2015”. While you are wearing this jersey your miles will count towards our ultimate goal of 50,000 miles. If we reach that goal Bank of America will $5,000 dollars to Tour de Pier! So lets unlock those jerseys and Ride On!

So, what is Tour de Pier? It isn’t technically a bicycle ride… at least not the way you might think. It is a stationary bicycle event raising money for Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, Hirschberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, and Uncle Kory Foundation (brain cancer). Participants line up on stationary cycles overlooking Manhattan Beach.

When you understand that, this seems to be a charity event tailor made for Zwift! So, if you are a Zwift’er, let me encourage you to grab your promotional jersey and join us in knocking out those 50,000 miles. I took are of 58 of them yesterday… we’ve got a few more to go!

Today Zwift will be posting their first update on the Zwift Facebook page with how many miles the Zwift community has ridden so far in their Tour de Pier kits. My guess the Zwift community is going to rise to the occasion and Bank of America will be handing over the cash! I plan to do my part.

So where are we going for the 2011 Ride for Mike?

The ride will be a 240 mile ride from Greenville, SC to Charleston, SC. What makes the ride unique for this distance is that it will all be accomplished in one day. It is the longest distance I’ve ever ridden. The date for the ride will be October 24, 2011. This will be a solo ride except for those cases where friends along the route come out to ride along with me. The Beautiful Redhead, Annette, will once again  follow as my “support crew.”

Little Rebekah Grace Ellis has spent much time at Greenville Hospital and the Medical University of South Carolina. That is why this year’s route will cover the distance between the two hospitals. Maybe you can’t ride along, but you can help encourage me along the way by participating in the project.

The 2011 Ride for Mike

But wait! That’s not all! I’m also making plans for another ride that will take place on October 22. The plan is for an informal ride (pending approval) for families along the Swamp Rabbit Trail with a picnic waiting in Travelers Rest. Depending on Rebekah’s health we look forward to her joining us on the ride.

I’m certainly open for a little help on both these rides. I’d like some feedback from folks on what they think would be the best route to take down to Charleston. Also, it would be great to have some volunteer help for the family ride.

One thing I’ve learned about these things is that sometimes you just have to kick your shoes off and dive in. It seemed to work in 2010! Thank you to all of you who have already expressed your support this year. Stay tuned to the 2011 Ride for Mike page for some fun fund raising options and to learn more about the family ride.

Oh, and don’t forget to give a donation!