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Backs and blogs

Last night was another trainer night. I was a little bit motivated after reading the latest e-mail from TrainRight where Chris Carmichael talks about Lance Armstrong being ahead of schedule with his training for the upcoming season. Yeah, like jaw dropping ready!

Actually, it is just the difference between an elite international pro rider and a category 4 club rider. Here is a typical training day for the Astana rider:

Day 3: 4 hours at endurance pace staying below 315watts, include 1hr at Tempo power, 350-380watts, low pedal cadence during Tempo (60-70rpm).

One hour at 350 to 380 watts… that ain’t happening with my body! However, I’m not riding in the Tour de France either. So, I take the encouragement out of the fact that with proper training, Armstrong (according to Carmichael) has been able to improve his overall fitness by 25 watts since an earlier test last year. It is all relative.

So, on the trainer I climbed. The plan was to ride easy for 10 to 15 minutes and then give it a sustained 20 minute push trying to stay over 250 watts. Then I would just spin out the rest of the hour. After a short break I would come back to spin for 5 minutes intervals and then do an all out sprint for 20 seconds. 30 minutes later, I would call it a night.

Well, I didn’t quite make the steady 250 watts though I was able to average close to it. On the sprints in the final session I was pleased to see I was able to get close to 1000 watts on the first several tries. Then my legs started going on me and I was just topping 800.

I think I could have gotten more except my trainer wanted to start taking off! One thing about sprinting on a trainer is that you don’t have much lateral motion with the bike. It remains pretty stiff and upright. This morning I’m feeling it! My lower back is pretty sore.

Well, that is where the “back” comes from. What about the “blogs?” Well, if you haven’t heard anywhere else, there are now some blogs available over at Hincapie.com. I enjoy every chance to read what other cyclists are doing. There you’ll find a link to George’s blog over at GeorgeHincapie.com. There are also blogs from some of the staff and riders at Hincapie Sports.

I was especially attracted to the Training blog. Here’s to hoping that they will keep things going. I’ve seen a lot of blogs start up and then fade away. Some have only gotten one entry up (are you reading this, Alder?) and I would really enjoy reading more.

Thanks, Kirk, for getting things up and going over there. Good luck on your own blog. I too have learned the saddle bag lesson!