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Did Bernhard Eisel run in the final sprint?

Okay, this from PezCyclingNews.com‘s PeloPics… Is it an optical illusion or does it appear that the Columbia rider, Bernhard Eisel, is RUNNING in the sprint?  Check out the picture here. Either that or his legs are spinning so fast that you can’t see them!  Anyone know exactly what was going on here?

It was a nasty crash.  I’d be glad to be on this side of the mess on my bike or running beside it. Hope the riders suffering injuries from it will be up and going soon. A couple of big name riders left wounded.

George is back in black

I saw this video earlier on the Columbia-Highroad team Web site.  George pointed to it from Twitter again today and reminded me of it.  Of course, Low Cadence is cheering for Big George as he heads onto the cobbles.

There are some other cool videos at the team’s Web site.  I love the one of Cavendish riding around with mud guards on his Scott.  The team did a really good job with these profile pieces.  It would be even better if they could keep producing stuff as the season progresses.

Two lessons in a cycle shop

Got me some gift certificates to Sunshine Cycle Shop for my birthday! Beat it for the store as soon as I could break for lunch to see what goodness I could find to help celebrate. I had already gotten one cool and unexpected gift from the shop – more on that later here at LowCadence.com.

While there I was talking with shop owner, Mike McMillan. It was the first time I had been in the shop since getting my big bandage off, so I was showing Mike my stitches. “Oh, but it isn’t the broken finger that is so bad,” I exclaimed. “It is this road rash on my leg!”

I think I might have turned red soon after I said it because sitting near by was pro rider for Highroad-Columbia, Craig Lewis. He was there getting some shoes fitted with the Shimano vacuum-baking-thingie. I suddenly felt very foolish making much of my wounds.

If you know anything about Craig’s history you know he has had more than his share of road rash, broken bones, and more. It is a miracle he is on the bike today! Consider this from a 2008 article on Velonews.com:

Considered one of the top young U.S. prospects, Lewis nearly died when he plowed headfirst into an SUV that had turned onto the course during an 18-mile individual time trial at the 2004 Tour de Georgia.

The impact left Lewis with two punctured lungs and 47 broken bones, and threw his cycling career into jeopardy. Incredibly, Lewis was back on his bike eight weeks later and won the U23 national championship in 2006.

Enough said.

I ended up with a pair of long fingered gloves to replace my ripped ones and a wife-beater underlayer for when the warm weather comes around. The cool thing is I still have some funds to spend! I think I’ll save it for something bigger.

What I didn’t get (though I was VERY tempted) was the Reynolds Assault carbon fiber wheel set. I had the opportunity to get in on the POA Cycling Team purchase at a greatly reduced discount. Unfortunately, it would mean a snap decision and the draining of any discretionary cash. My heart screamed “Yes!” while my head sternly said “NO.” I followed my head — at 41 it is about time I did that.

I learned two lessons today. One about finances and the other about true grit. The first I came to myself and the second I was taught by Craig Lewis without him saying a word.

Shoulders and knees

Yesterday started with me laughing at André Greipel and ended with me feeling bad for him.  A lot can happen in a day… or a week.  It is part of the sport — rolling with the punches and overcoming.

My last post was about George Hincapie’s “non-standard” jersey.  That brought to my attention the story about André stealing George’s jersey.  Seems George was almost treating that thing like a security blanket and the younger rider was going to get some of that mojo (or play a prank on his mentor).  The jersey came up missing, but Greipel was caught because of the Hincapie markings.

It is neat to see some of the inner workings of a team.  It makes you understand the riders a little more when you see them on the bike.  It also makes you feel all the more for a guy when things don’t go his way.

Greipel was sitting second in the standings at the start of stage 3 yesterday.  He was poised to make a good run at being a two time winner in the race.  That opportunity went down to the pavement early in the stage as he ran into a motorcycle that was jutting out into the race lane.  He ended his day with a dislocated shoulder.

Just like that his race changed.  The week is done for him and his whole season will have to adjust.  Thankfully, he is young and nothing was broken.  He’ll be back.

George carried the banner for the Columbia team with a fourth place finish.  That allowed him to move up one position in the standings, but he is still 20 seconds back.  The old man is showing some legs this early season!  Must have been that last UWBL ride 🙂

Me?  I got home last night from mid-week service at my church fully intending to spin while I watched the UNC vs. Clemson game.  However, during the day I started to feel some soreness in my knees.  It has been a long time since I’ve had the feeling.  I know why.  I’ve just got to work it out.

The reason is because I was pushing too big of a gear during my 2 hour trainer workout Tuesday night.  I felt no pain at all during the effort, but I know that the low cadence is what did it.  It was the first long effort after being off the bike for a week.  I thought I had warmed up enough, but I’m pretty sure I overdid it.

I skipped out last night to give them a break and focused on relaxing them and stretching out the muscles around the joints.  Tonight I’ll get back on, but I’ll back off doing anything really hard.  I want to make sure I am good to go this Saturday when I hope to take part in the longest ride yet (5 hours) for the Upstate Winter Bicycle League.

BTW, thanks for reading LowCadence.com.

Fighting the crud

I’m at home this morning.  The cold that started coming on last week has really socked me.  My head feels like a round piece of cement and any deep breath brings on a wheezing cough.  Sometimes I feel pretty good and then I swing back to feeling like I have vertigo.

Friday was the last day on the bike.  That is not good because I do hope to be over this in time to make it to this weekend’s Upstate Winter Bicycle League.  The only question then would be will I have the legs and stamina to stay with the group?

Here are some odds and ends things for you since I don’t have a lot to write about with my own riding.

Columbia Kit: I don’t like it.  Is that a skeleton or abdominal muscles outlined on the front of their jersey?  The yellow isn’t too bad — it does help it match the colors of the Scott bicycles (we won’t go there).  The white… I know its European, but I’m not a big fan of white.

Someone mentioned that it looks like they picked up the old Saunier Duvall kits.  That could be… perhaps the skeletor look is supposed to remind us of Rock Racing or something.  Me?  I was starting to like the blue.

Rock Racing: Speaking of Rock Racing… the soap opera continues.  I swung over to Cyclingnews.com in my present stupor and saw the new design of the site and a picture of the $230 jean stitcher on the front page.  I guess the bottom line is they will be around for another six months for sure.  After that?  Stay tuned for As the Crank Turns…

VHoldR: I have appreciated the many comments I have gotten on my videos.  It is a lot of fun to have a record of the rides I participate in.  However, I have to admit it doesn’t help with my enjoyment of the ride.  I have to spend too much time concentrating on getting the shots and riding around with only one hand firmly on the bars.

What is most frustrating is when I do all that and find that my video is corrupted.  I use a camera with a different approach.  It is a helmet mounted camera made by Twenty20.  The VHoldR is very compact.  There are no moving parts and it writes the video to a MicroSD card.

For the most part I have not had trouble with the device until I started trying to record footage while mountain biking.  I would get about a minute of video and then the video would freeze.  The error I got when trying to view it was that the headers were corrupted.

I mentioned it on Twitter and before I knew it, I was contacted by the VHoldR guys asking me what was up.  I explained and they said that I needed a faster MicroSD card.  I went online and found a ScanDisk Premier card that is supposed to give me what I need.  Now, I just have to get better so I can get back out to the trail and give it a test.