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He’s back…

Danny Macaskill is back on the Internet… and Norwegian television… displaying his mad skills in Lisbon.  Sure, it’s a Volkswagen commercial, but he still amazes me.  See if you get the same feeling that he is about to drop down on top of the car in one of the sequences.

Some might say that is cheapening his image by going commercial.  I say more power to him as he finds ways to make a living and profit a bit doing what he loves.  Though, I do have to say I like the Volkswagen commercial better than the s1jobs.com one.

Enjoy! Oh, and Danny, keep them coming.

I’m not saying ‘nuthin’ – just watch

Came across this video from Robbie Ventura’s Twitter feed.  What can you say?  Just watch.

“Filmed over the period of a few months in and around Edinburgh by Dave Sowerby, this video of Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill features probably the best collection of street/street trials riding ever seen. There’s some huge riding, but also some of the most technically difficult and imaginative lines you will ever see. Without a doubt, this video pushes the envelope of what is perceived as possible on a trials bike.”