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Keeping your conscience on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Rails to Trails conversion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail has been a great success. Perhaps it has been too successful. There are so many people enjoying the converted railway along the Reedy River it has caused some issues with a section crossing a railroad track.

Because of this the trail has been “closed” for a particular section. Of course, what happens in most cases is that people are ignoring the notices and continuing along their way. That might not bother some folks, but if you find your conscience bothering you about disobeying the warning, there is a way to continue on the trail without too much of a detour.

You can check out the route in the following video. You’ll find a map in the video along with a drive along the route so you can see exactly what you’ll see. I’m pretty sure most cyclists are aware of this detour, but there may be some recreational users who (because they are unaware of the area roads) do not know this route exists. They reach the notice and aren’t sure what to do. Well, you don’t have to turn around.

Keep enjoying the trail and be sure to keep expressing your enjoyment to the trail creators — and the rail road company. Word is that a solution is being sought. Until that time, I hope this detour will be a help.