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The Giant Twist Electric Assist Bicycle

A quick diversion from all the planning for the Ride for Mike. Things continue to progress for the ride. Gifts continue to come in. Plans are coming together, but sometimes it is good to have a little assist…

Sorry I didn’t have more time to get some extended video of the bike. It really is a pretty neat contraption. Because it is electric assist and not a motorized bicycle, you can even use it on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It would make a neat urban ride.

Now, don’t get on it thinking that it is a moped or something like that. It does take some effort to pedal – just not as much as you normally would need. You must keep pressure on the crank in order to engage the motor. If you stop pedaling the motor will disengage. Also if you start rolling faster than 15 mph the motor will stop. You’re on your own at that point!

The Giant Bicycles Twist is intended for the urban commuter who needs a little assist getting up to the top of that hill without breaking out into a sweat. It doesn’t try to take the pedaling out of cycling. I would have no problem riding this thing to work in my suit.

Want to check it out? There is one for you to throw your leg over at Sunshine Cycle Shop. Give it a try. What I want to do it give it a try up Paris Mountain. If I could average 15 mph up Altamont Road…