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Coffee contest ends Memorial Day

Just letting you know that tomorrow is the last day to get your name entered to win a free pound of Low Cadence Coffee for your and a friend. Entries submitted before midnight Memorial Day will be considered for the drawing that will take place the morning of June 1st. Here is how you do it!

1. Get a friend to fan the Low Cadence Facebook page and then leave a comment on the page with your name and you will be entered into a drawing for a free pound of our Beans with a Mission. Also, $20 will be given toward the 2010 Ride for Mike in your name.

2. If you currently are not a fan of the page, just visit the page and click the “Like” button at the top. You will then be entered into the drawing. $20 will also be donated to the Ride for Mike in your name.

So, if you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to act. Another advantage for this contest is that the winner gets the opportunity to choose between two roasts of the popular Low Cadence Coffee. We are adding a new dark roast option this week. It will be available to ship to the winner!

Go become a fan of Low Cadence to keep up with all the plans for the blog and the 2010 Ride for Mike!

Here is another way you can win

Are you a Low Cadence reader and want some free coffee? Get a friend to fan the Low Cadence Facebook page and then leave a comment on the page with your name and you will be entered into a drawing for a free pound of our Beans with a Mission. Also, $20 will be given toward the 2010 Ride for Mike in your name. Drawing will be Memorial Day, May 31st.

By the way, your friend also gets a pound. If you currently are not a fan of the page, just visit the page and click the “Like” button at the top. You will then be entered into the drawing.

But wait… that’s not all! You may recall that I asked Low Cadence readers to nominate the blog for the CrankListed.com cycling blog directory. The nominations round of Crank was held so that the editors could select the top 5 blogs to be in for the final voting (going on now).  This way they were able to provide contenders who were selected by cycling blog fans and peers.  CrankListed.com felt this opened up the possibility of all cycling blogs to be in for the running, and put all blogs on a pretty equal playing field.

Hundreds of different cycling blogs were nominated, and now things get serious with the top 5 battling it out for top dog status.  I would appreciate it if you could swing by CrankListed.com and vote for Low Cadence under the Road Cycling category. While you are at it, be sure to vote for your favorite blog in each category….if there is a blog you’re not familiar with, check them out and see what they have to offer.

Not sure exactly what direction the blog will take over the next several weeks, but I’m certain I’ll be here. Thank you for being here as well.

Have you?

It is exciting to see the 2010 Ride For Mike fund grow to $2500. We have had a great start to the campaign, but there is still a ways to go. Have you given?

We have a new batch of Low Cadence Coffee on hand. I’m looking forward to handing over pounds and pounds of the stuff to people who choose to give $15 or more to the project. Remember, 100% of the money you give goes to the fund. The coffee is my thanks to you.

The question I keep getting asked is, “Have you gotten the kits ready yet?” This has taken a bit longer than I would have wished. However, we are still within the window for getting them in and produced before the Ride For Mike. The designs are on their way to Hincapie Sportswear. I hope to be taking orders before June.

A couple of other reminders for you:

Thank you for all the support! This past week the blog had the best daily average traffic ever. My stats also show that there are lots of loyal readers out there. I want you to know that I really appreciate your interest.


I am sorry that the blog has been focusing lately on… well… the blog. Things are beginning to slow down a bit on that front. So, I should be able to get back to focusing on writing about cycling. Just a couple of housekeeping things to start off the week.

Low Cadence now has a Facebook page. Up to this point, LowCadence.com posts have gone directly onto my personal Facebook page. The idea is to work harder to give the blog its own identity and keep it from cluttering my personal space. It will also be a good place to catalog what is happening on the site.

I need your help. I would like to be able to create a Low Cadence username for the page. I have to have 25 “fans” in order to have one. If you like LowCadence.com, would you please consider “liking” the Facebook page? Funny thing is it makes me kind of nervous. What if no one actually likes the blog!?!

So, what is behind all of these changes? I have up to this point viewed the site as just a way to chronicle my own adventures in learning how to cycle – basically a personal journal for myself to look back on someday when I am old. However, I have found that there are people who share in this experience with me. I’ve also found they want to take an active role in what I’m doing here.

That is where Ride For Mike comes in. You will see that the Ride For Mike link is now active at the top of the page. This is the way I plan to organize and promote my designated charity ride each year. You can read more about the origins of the ride at the page.

I have been inspired by FatCyclist. He has taken the fun of writing a blog and turned it into a cancer fighting machine as he has used his blog to raise money for cancer research. True, I do not have the same compelling personal story, but I do know that the readers of Low Cadence are just as giving and inspiring as any reader of Elden’s blog.

The result of this is that I now feel a greater compunction to promote the blog. It is not so much so that people will read what I write — it is more out of a fear that I will set goals for my Ride For Mike that I won’t be able to accomplish! I’m going to need plenty of friends to help me along the way.

Yes, I hope you will give toward the Ride For Mike, but you can also help by spreading the word about Low Cadence: Thoughts of a cyclist. A tangible way to do that – and my last request of the day – is for you to nominate the site at CrankListed.com. Nominations are now being placed for cycling blogs for this planned listing of top cycling blogs. The top 5 nominated blogs within each category will be listed. It would be kind of fun to see if Low Cadence could make it into the Road Cycling category.

Either way, thank you for reading and for your support. I’ll put my broom away now and get back to the bike!

Rise of the Sialia sialis

There’s a new bird in town. Perhaps you’ve seen the little blue bird on some of the websites you frequent. Facebook, say hello to Twitter.

Twitter is the new Blogger in a sound byte world. Back in my days in media relations I knew that if my message couldn’t be communicated in 15 seconds you might as well keep your mouth shut. Okay, I’m exaggerating about the 15 seconds. Now you only get 140 characters.

Like most new social media applications I approached this new one with a little skepticism. I kind of got it because it was very similar to the Facebook status updates. As a matter of fact, that is what first got me using Twitter. It allowed me to update my Facebook status using texting from my cell phone.

As an avid cyclist, I started looking around on Twitter to see if I could find some of the professional riders. The first I came upon was Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) and then Dave Zabristkie (@dzabriskie).  It wasn’t long before George Hincapie was on board as well (@ghincapie).

One thing is for certain, when Lance Armstrong gets into something, he gets in with both feet!  As of the time of this writing, he is up to 24,488 followers of his tweets.  Of course, that is just a drop in the bucket to accounts like the Obama campaign with over 165,000 followers.

You know that Twitter is starting to have an impact when it starts shaping the mainstream.  Take for instance a recent event with Lance Armstrong.  It would appear that Lance was trying to make an under cover entrance into the land down under for the Australia’s Tour Down Under.  His cover got blown… not by giving information, but from the lack of it.

Armstrong is such a prodigious Twitter user that people noticed when his tweets went silent.  Before you knew it, the word was that he on his way to Australia.  As Lance says in his first tweet on location, “So much for sneaking into Australia…my old journo buddy Rupert Guiness says since I didn’t twitter for 10 hours, it tipped them off. Haha.”

Yes, Twitter is the new Blogger in a sound byte world.  It is easy to use which makes it seem less cumbersome to people busy and on the go.  It is also easy to deal with on the follower’s side because the information comes in very short bursts so it is easy to digest.

The service is also a great way to build your brand.  If what you tweet is useful and interesting, you can gain a following that can lead to more traffic to your “traditional” means of communicating on the web.  Here at LowCadence.com, tweets of my own and others that link to my articles generate more traffic than any other source.  Once, when George Hincapie, linked to my site in a tweet, I had my largest spike ever.  I still get some traffic from that entry several weeks old.

Some companies are even using it as a means to provide better customer support.  I mentioned in an earlier blog about Twenty20’s VHoldR.  I mentioned a problem I was having with their camera in a tweet — remember under 140 characters — and they found it by a word search.  They made contact with me and that proactive action helped build a more loyal customer.

Some things I have learned?  Don’t over do it. I still believe there is such a thing as “share fatigue.”  It happens for both the “follower” and the “followed”.  For some people, it is possible to share so much of yourself that you reach a point where you want to escape!

However. more likely, it is possible to share so much that people tune you out.  Thirty fifteen second sound bytes in a row equals seven minutes plus.  Unless I am REALLY interested in what someone has to say, I skim right over some tweets simply because of the number of them.

Use your links judiciously. Another tweet I will overlook is the one that doesn’t give much information in the tweet but simply links to a URL.  Granted, you may have found this article because you clicked on the link that my software automatically sends out when I post.  However, I make it a point to use that sparingly.

Again, you want to avoid the Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome.  A few judicious posts opens the door for your links.  Of course, it never hurts to make sure you are linking to information people really want to see!  We all know that person who forwards every “funny” email that comes into his or her box.

Twitter isn’t a gimmick.  In this relationship driven culture that we live in, it is a growing phenomenon.  Who knows what the next thing will be.  For now, the blue bird seems to be on the rise.  Join in the fun and be sure you give @jpait a follow :-).


Bryant Young – You may recall I mentioned Bryant’s trip across South Carolina. The man is still not back in the saddle because of the saddle rot he acquired during the ride. I saw him last night and he said we was going to try to start easing back this weekend. Wow, I hope that never happens to me!

Ride for Mike – I got an update on Mike yesterday. He is extremely week. They have continued to give him Avastin and CPT-11. With the last MRI, it appeared that the tumor might be shrinking somewhat. They are waiting for confirmation from the primary doctor. Right now are taking off the chemo in order to allow him to gather strength for another round.

Please, pray for Mike. I’ll keep giving updates as I receive them. Please consider supporting my Ride for Mike 2007.

Cycling – I’ve started a group in Facebook called, “I love cycling in Upstate SC.” If you have a Facebook account and you really do love cycling in Upstate SC, come and join us!

Here is my favorite sight in Greenville when it comes to cycling. Can you guess where this is?

Know where this is? Leave a comment.

Last night I did a ride of Paris Mountain to judge my time there and back. I made the ride in 1:20. I’m not sure what my goal will be. Probably would be best to do several rides to get an average and then set a goal for gaining on that time.