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To ride or not to ride? That is the question.

This week is doing me in. After finishing the century on Saturday, I thought I would recover a few days and then be ready to get back at it. Unfortunately, this week has not gone the way I expected.

I hit the ground running at work this week. It is been one of those weeks where the days end and you wonder where it went! To compound things, I was out on Tuesday with some sort of reverse fever business. My temperature was under 97 and I just wanted to sleep.

Every evening has had some activity that has kept me off the bicycle. Needing to continue work on the foundation has kept me up later than usual. Tonight and tomorrow night don’t look to be changing that trend.

It really has me wondering if I should do the Hincapie Gran Fondo on Saturday. I haven’t ridden in a week. I’m not feeling that strong. I need a break. On the other hand, opportunities like this don’t come along every day. It’s going to be a beautiful day.

On the other hand, this was to be my “last ride” of the year. Once the fondo was in the bag, I planned to focus on off season cross training and maybe do a little more core work. Then there is that matter of having just acquired some knobby tires.

The ride is also a great opportunity to ride with some characters from the pro cycling world. Of course, the chances of me actually riding with them are pretty slim. Riding in a crowd of hundreds of other cyclists following along behind the pros isn’t really riding with them. Frankly, the thought of getting in that big crowd of riders just isn’t that appealing.

I truly am torn. I want to do the ride, but I just don’t know if I am able.

If I didn’t ride, then Thing Two and I could take out our mountain bikes for our first real ride together. That would be great, but I do realize that there will be many opportunities to do that in the future. Riding in George’s “retirement party” ride is a once in a lifetime deal.

So, I’m asking you. What should I do?

Of course, I’ll let you know what I decide.

Warmup for George with a little Mike

20 Days – $02,700


There is a little ride being held in Greenville the week after the Ride for Mike. Some fellow named George Hincapie is putting on a Gran Fondo on October 27. You have three options for distances to cover.

We’ll be having our Ride for Mike on October 20. You’re invited to come out and do a warmup ride as we cover 100 miles. “100 miles?” you ask. “How is that a warmup for George’s 80 mile Gran Fondo?”

Well, the Ride for Mike is as flat of a course as I could put together in the Greenville area. Also, the plan is not to average much more than 15 mph. So, if you are looking to get your first century, this might be the ride for you. If you want an easy ride to get some miles in your legs before George’s ride, you might want to tag along with us.

Seriously, whether you do the Ride for Mike or not, consider giving George a big “Thank you!” by participating in the ride. Hincapie has been a great ambassador for the United States in the sport of cycling. He is a wonderful representative for us Greenville residents. You can sign up for the ride here: Gran Fondo Hincapie.

There is no cost to ride the Ride for Mike (but we won’t have nice jerseys or nearly the ride support). You can sign at RideforMike.com.  Of course, we are raising funds to start the I Do It For Foundation. You can give toward the fund even if you do not ride.

The day will come when the Ride for Mike will be a Gran Fondo. Just like George started as a pro nearly two decades ago, it takes time to reach the place where he is now. Still, he had to start somewhere. For us, that time is now.