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Weekend work

Here is something I was working on this weekend. “Well, didn’t you race?” You ask. No, I did not. I’ll save expressing the reason why for a time when I have more of it — time that is.

This weekend I had some time to finally focus on the I Do It For Foundation and Team Low Cadence. We now have 26 members of the team and I’m amazed by that. Still, I am hoping that we as a team can mobilize to bring on even more members to help us carry out our mission.

Part of that is coming up with information that helps explain what we are doing. Social media and other web tools are great, but sometimes you need some dead tree options. So, I created this flyer. I’m open to suggestions on what could make it better. However, by Wednesday I want to have this ready to go to the printer.

Team Low Cadence FlyerTeam Low Cadence Flyer (back)As usual, I’m open to suggestions. What could I do to make it better? Are there questions unanswered? Is there something more that you would like to know before you would make a decision to join us? Even if you have no plans to join, I would appreciate your feedback. If you prefer not to comment here, you can email me at info@idoitfor.org.

Have a wonderful Sunday. For those of you racing at the Greenville Spring Training Series, be SAFE out there!


Another step toward reality

Sometimes all of the plans for the I Do It For Foundation seem like a dream. There is a lot of planning and conversations going on. However, we’re not to the stage where there are many tangible manifestations of all of the talk and strategy. Then you have something that comes along to encourage you that those things are just around the corner.

I Ride For jersey without nameI just got the mockup of the I Ride For ___ jersey. I like the classic lines and most of all I like the message. These jersey’s will be a key component of the promotion of the individual/group events used to raise funds for and show support for people in need of it.

While the colors may not be exact on this mock up (the grey will be a bit darker on the top) the design is what we will be going with. The bold orange bars fit with our I Do It For Foundation logo which appears on the right sleeve and back center pocket panel. The background of the lower part of the jersey contains the statement, “I am not a ribbon, a color, or a disease. I am a person. I have a name.”

That statement encapsulates what we are trying to do with the foundation. We want to draw attention to and show support for the individuals who are the faces of many of the diseases and trials that we so want to eradicate in our world. Someday we may knock out a few of those evils, but until then we want to lift up those affected by them.

Of course, all of this is personal. If you are reading this, you know of someone near to you who is currently going through a trial. Perhaps it is cancer. Maybe it is some other physical limitation. It could be a family that has had a financial setback due to a natural disaster. We want you to take these tools and “Do It For Someone You love”.

I Ride For jersey with nameSo, how do you take this jersey — and other promotional items — and make it personal? Well, you fill in the blank… literally. You fill in the blank. This apparel is designed for you to put in the name of the person you wish to lift up with your actions.

We will be making available (for the purpose of raising funds) these jerseys and other personalized materials. There will be several options for the personalization. Depending on the event we will 1) be able to have the jerseys run with a name as part of the original design, 2) use an overlay printing and/or 3) allow users to write in the name using a painting marker.

This is one of the challenges we are facing with this personalization concept. It is hard to operate at a high volume (which keeps cost down) and still maintain the personalized nature. As the foundation grows and we are able to bring on more support, I hope to be able to innovate in this regard.

Regardless, we are not going to allow these challenges to hold us back. We will go forward with what we are able to accomplish and trust God to direct us to the people and knowledge to wisely use the funds we have while still giving a personalized level of attention to those we are trying to serve.

So, make your plans to be one of the first to get your I Ride For ___ jersey or t-shirt, or tri top, or running jersey, or… Well, you get the idea. That is when all of this starts becoming a reality. It is just around the corner.

Keep your eye on the site

Just finished watching junior racer Logan Owen place 4th in the World Cyclocross Championships. It was good to see an American mixing it up with the Belgians, but none of them had anything for the Norwegians! Best of all, it was great to see an event of this caliber (the pros will follow later today) here on American soil (or mud and snow as the case may be).

Learn more about our "funathlon" at IDoItFor.org.

Learn more about our “funathlon” at IDoItFor.org.

I’m back at the computer today working on various web projects. I’m happy to announce that the place marker for the I Do It For Foundation Run. Bike. Fun. event is live. I’ve taken to calling the event a “funathlon”. I’m looking forward to sharing more information about the event as we are able to release. You can follow along at IDoItFor.org.

It will be several months before we have the final I Do It For Foundation web site completed. We are currently in a “discovery” stage with Worthwhile.com. The team there will help us get a better understanding of how our market wants and needs to interact with us. They will then wed that with our mission and help us lay out the tools necessary to best accomplish it.

Until then, we are having to make due with my amateur attempts to keep everyone up-to-speed and interacting with the Foundation. When I consider where we have come with what we have, I’m very excited about where we can go with proper support. So, stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

I Do It For ___ FAQ


I’ve been working on the new LowCadence.com for several days now. I’m hoping to launch it this week. Part of it is to explain the I Do It For Foundation. The below text will be included in the site. If you have any questions you would like to see included, please ask away!


Team Low Cadence rides for the I Do It For Foundation. Our mission is to expand the reach and effectiveness of this organization dedicated to helping individuals help individuals in a time of need. We invite you to join us by supporting the foundation or using the foundation’s services.

What makes the I Do It For Foundation unique?

There are many wonderful organizations that have a dedicated focus to bringing awareness to a cause. They help people by putting laser focus on fighting a disease or meeting the needs of groups of people. We join them in their desire.

What is different about I Do It For ___ is that our focus is recognizing, encouraging and supporting individuals who are facing a disease or need. We will let other groups go to war against the cancer. We desire to celebrate the one fighting with their own life.

How do we do it?

We are currently building a turn-key solution that provides tools to individuals who wish to stage events to bring encouragement to and raise funds to help individuals in need. This includes web tools for organization, promotion and fundraising. But it doesn’t stop at the web, I Do It For ___ provides promotional items to help motivate others to join you in your project. These include coffee, t-shirts, jerseys and more.

Listen to this story…

Mark has a brother who is battling cancer. The doctors are only giving him a 30% chance of survival. Traditional means of battling the cancer are not working. Mark is looking for some way to give his brother a fighting chance and to encourage him in this dark hour.

The family learns of an experimental process that has had marked success in fighting this particular strain of cancer. However, it will cost over $100,000. Insurance will not cover the treatment, but he is determined to act.

Mark contacts I Do It For ___ and the foundation springs into action. The foundation works with the family to find the best option for taking the money in trust to help alleviate tax burdens. Once the trust is established, the staff helps Mark determine his project. In this case, Mark decides he is going to ride his bike across the state all in one day. It is an ambitious undertaking and Mark believes it is worthy to show his commitment to his brother.

I Do It For ___ helps Mark make his plans for the journey, begins promoting through the web site — IRideFor.org/Jack — and begins taking pledges for the project. The news media picks up on the story, people are coming to the site and as they pledge the total is kept up-to-date. They also have the option to receive t-shirts, cycling jerseys and Low Cadence coffee for giving particular amounts to the cause.

Now Mark makes his plans with dozens of people wearing I Ride For Jack t-shirts. Some have given and receive I Ride For Jack cycling jerseys. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with mentions by Team Low Cadence members and interested friends supporting Jack and the ride. Not only is Mark encouraged for his ride, but Jack is encouraged in his fight.

Mark rolls off with dozens of family and friends riding along side with their I Ride For Jack jerseys. Jack follows along in a follow vehicle with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. $50,000 was raised to get the treatment started.

The best thing? This has cost Mark, Jack and their family $0. The I Do It For Foundation provides the support for free. 100% of the funds raised goes to the trust for Jack.

Why is Team Low Cadence important?

While coffee might grow on trees, jerseys and t-shirts don’t. Plus, we don’t have our own trees. We have to buy the coffee.

We depend on corporate donations and special I Do It For Foundation events to raise the funds necessary to cover the promotional and administrative expenses that allow someone like Mark to raise and give 100% to the need.

Team Low Cadence are those friends of the foundation who have caught the vision of thousands of Marks around the country lifting up one life at a time. They realize the need of the I Do It For ___ and are giving of their time and money to make the mission come alive. We at I Do It For ___ love and appreciate them!

I Do It For ___ Run Bike Fun has a face

Thanks for coming along with me as we start the I Do It For Foundation together. I was never so excited to hear from the IRS as I was this morning when I opened my mailbox to find a letter containing the Tax Identification number for I Do It For Foundation Incorporated.

I was also excited to receive a logo for the September 14, 2013 I Do It For Run Bike Fun event. This will certainly get us started, but there is still time for feedback from you all regarding the logo. Once again I want to give a special thanks to Chris Hartzler for his gift of time and creativity.

In case you are wondering, there are still ways to participate in the foundation besides money and active sports! Getting those IRS and State Department of Revenue documents reminded me of how important a good accountant can be to keep things on the up-and-up. Plus, I need to focus on building the foundation… not dealing with tax reporting!

So, if you are a tax accountant and would like to help out in this regard, I am seriously asking for your help! Doing things correctly and with transparency is part of our values as a foundation. To me, proper accounting services are a very important part of that. I do not believe a small organization such as IDIF that is starting out should manage their own reporting… especially when the doors begin to open for us to enact our 501c3 status.

Just in case I have not made it plain enough… I really do need someone to step forward to help the foundation deal with the accounting. If you are in a position to help in that regard and would be willing to do so pro bono or for a minimal fee, please contact me. If you are part of a firm, we will certainly be willing to list you as a partner in our foundation for the services you provide. Contact the foundation.

By the way, I have not ridden my bike since Sunday. On that day I went out for a pretty good 90 minute ride on the road at SteadyState pace for the entire ride. It was nice to see 28 miles listed on my computer to show results for my effort rather than the 0 miles I get on the trainer.

Right now, my plan has me taking 3 rest days in a row. With the weatherman telling me that the temps are supposed to get near 70 degrees, it might be hard to stick by that plan. I just may have to do a celebration ride!

Record and remind

Let’s get the work out of the way and then bring up some fun! We’ll start this morning’s post talking about the PowerInterval and then move on to Team Low Cadence news… and a little more. Here we go.

1.22.2013 Workout 1.24.2013 Workout
Warmup – 125 watts
PowerInterval 1:1 – 277 watts
RBI – 147 watts
PowerInterval 1:2 – 281 watts
RBI – 156 watts
PowerInterval 1:3 – 276 watts
RBS – 167 watts
PowerInterval 2:1 – 274 watts
RBI – 178 watts
PowerInterval 2:2 – 276 watts
RBI – 122 watts
PowerInterval 2:3 – 280 watts
Cool Down – 159 watts
Overall Average – 171 watts
Average Cadence – 92 rpm
Warmup – 154 watts
PowerInterval 1:1 – 280 watts
RBI – 95 watts
PowerInterval 1:2 – 290 watts
RBI – 141 watts
PowerInterval 1:3 – 307 watts
RBS – 132 watts
PowerInterval 2:1 – 304 watts
RBI – 141 watts
PowerInterval 2:2 – 308 watts
RBI – 142 watts
PowerInterval 2:3 – 304 watts
Cool Down – 125 watts
Overall Average – 171 watts
Average Cadence – 95 rpm

You may recall that I mentioned that during the Tuesday evening power intervals I did not push much during the 3 minute sessions. I simply tried to stay above FTP. This I was able to do quite easily.

I went back to read a little more about the workout and realized that I was supposed to be riding up in a power zone that I felt I could hold for the 3 minute interval… and just that. This means my Tuesday evening workout was not really up to par. I decided to see about that last night.

I followed the same process for warming up by stair stepping up the wattage each 5 minutes while trying to keep the cadence nearly the same. As I look at the numbers, I’m surprised to see that the average wattage for that period is higher than Tuesday’s. I felt that I was spinning easier.

At first I just thought I would up the wattage about 10 watts — from a minimum target of 260 to 270. That first interval followed that approach. You can see that with that effort I came in close to the previous workout. What you don’t see is that I was upping my cadence to nearly 100 rpm.

Through all of the Rest Between Intervals, I purposefully didn’t watch the wattage. I only followed the time. I didn’t really care how much wattage I was producing or the cadence at which I was spinning. The only goal was to be rested for the next interval. That makes it interesting when I see that once I settled into a pattern that the wattage is very similar for those periods.

Inside the second power interval I decided to change my approach. I was finding that I felt pretty good at my 270 goal and that my wattage kept creeping up to 300+. Finally, I gave in and just started targeting the 300 watt mark. That ended up being the last interval below 300 watts.

The remaining intervals consisted of me spinning along at 95 to 100 rpm watching the wattage to keep it as close to 300 as possible. It was hard. By the final interval I was having to catch myself from dropping below. My wattage graph looked a little ragged on that one!

The two other things I did differently for the workout is I lengthened the Rest Between Sets. On Tuesday I had incorrectly rested for 5 minutes. On Thursday I completed the full called for 8 minutes. The other things I did was go much easier for the final 30 minute cool down. That was partly because I was fighting a cramp in my right calve.

So, in the end I finished with exactly the same average wattage for the full 90 minutes. My cadence was different between the two. The 95 rpm recorded for Thursday reflects just how fast I was pedaling during the intervals.

I was very happy with the workout. Today is a rest day and tomorrow is another OverUnder workout. Looks like I am going to hit the plan dead on for this week!

Team Low Cadence Announcement

Team Low Cadence is really getting ready to roll!  We have 14 members of the team so far. These riders have various abilities, but one thing they share is a passion for the mission of the I Do It For Foundation. There is room for more!

We are ready to place a bulk order for Team Low Cadence cycling kits. If I know you want to be on the team, then I can make certain that you get the size that you desire. Otherwise, I am having to use average sizes for the remaining number of kits. Could be that by the time you decide to participate, we won’t have the size you need. Getting your kit will be delayed even longer.

So, sign up today! Learn more about it at the Team Low Cadence signup page. If you are already a member, be sure to recruit your friends. Come on board and help grow the I Do It For Foundation… Do it for someone you love.

What is in a name?

My body got a break yesterday after the PowerIntervals of Tuesday night. However, I’m back on the trainer this evening to do another set of them. That isn’t to say that the time off the bike has been relaxing. My body might not have been busy, but my brain sure was!

I Do It For Foundation

You can be an important part of the I Do It For Foundation.

I’m excited to announce that we will be holding our first-ever I Do It For Foundation “active festival.” We don’t have ALL the details nailed down, but we have a definite date and a just-sign-the-agreement option for the location. I want to share this information with you now because that is just the way we do things. This is as much your event as it is the foundations. I want you to know what’s up and to share feedback. You can help it be better.

When: October 12, 2013
Where: Agricenter, Memphis, TN
What: This will be what we call an “active festival.” The idea is to come to a location during a day and have multiple active sport events taking place. At the same time there will be activities to help keep small (and tall) family members occupied while loved ones are participating in the events.
Why: These events have a two-fold purpose. 1) to help grow awareness of the I Do It For Foundation and its mission, 2) to raise funds to help carry out the I Do It For Foundation mission. In conjunction with both of these, we will be choosing a person or family with need to receive a portion of the funds. You could say I Do It For is Doing It For ___.

So, what will this look like? Here are the initial dreams… we’ll see where it goes when reality hits!

Participants will arrive in the morning with their families at the Agricenter. They will find food vendors, activity zones and information booths. This is the hub of the activities for the day.

From this area we will stage a family run and more competitive chip-timed runs of various distances. These runs will include both road and trail. This will be followed by a family bicycle ride and other longer Fondo style chip-timed rides out in the Memphis area and back again. We don’t plan to leave out the time trial specialist either… our plan is to request a closure of Walnut Grove Road to hold a time trial. If we are able, we may even include a very late season criterium that would use the road as the course.

Once all the “serious” events are done, we hope to have a “fun” event that will in someway incorporate a nearby corn maze. Maybe it will be a chip-timed race through the maze with zombies and the like lurking in the “walls” to jump out to give you a fright. We have not nailed down this idea, but we do hope to make it unique to this event.

What can you do? Be sure to get this date in your calendar. If you can’t make it to the event, help get the word out to friends and family within driving distance of Memphis. Support the I Do It For Foundation as we continue to get this project off the ground. I’ll be sharing more in another blog post of what we are doing now behind the scenes for the foundation. However, I hope this event shows our commitment to growing it and making it a reality.

As always, your feedback is welcome and I would love to have lots of input through this simple form below. Right now I REALLY need a name for the event. I’d love for a Low Cadence reader to come up with it!

Team Low Cadence kit design

If  you follow Low Cadence on Facebook, you probably saw this posted yesterday. It is the most recent design of the Team Low Cadence kit. With your feedback, we will pull the switch and start the process of having them produced.

2013 Team Low Cadence for I Do It For ___

2013 Team Low Cadence for I Do It For ___

Team Low Cadence is currently looking for people to join the team to participate in races and get the word out about the I Do It For Foundation. The team is registered with USA Cycling and it is a requirement that you hold a USA Cycling license. This weekend, a page will be available with instructions on how you can be a part of it.

Racers who sign up to be a member of Team Low Cadence would receive a team issue I Do It For kit when they come available. They would be required to wear the kit during races in which they participate. They would also be required to stage their own individual or group charity ride using the IDoItFor.org tools.

However, it doesn’t end there. If a racer joins Team Low Cadence committing to race for the team during the season, his or her fee for the USA Cycling license will be reimbursed by the I Do It For Foundation after they compete in a requisite number of events. There would also be podium bonuses. They would simply show their finish on the official USA Cycling web site along with a photo from the race (preferably a podium shot) of them wearing their team kit.

Our vision is Team Low Cadence members showing up at races all around the country and then getting out on the road to carry out the I Do It For Foundation. mission of encouraging people and organizations seeking to meet the financial and emotional needs of others in a time of trial.

The 2013 Team Low Cadence jersey

The 2013 Team Low Cadence jersey

2013 Team Low Cadence bib shorts

2013 Team Low Cadence bib shorts

Will you be a part of Team Low Cadence?

Meet the I Do It For ___ board

I’m having to fight the urge to jump in to design mode with the I Do It For Foundation website. I know that in a couple of months all the work I would do during the time will be replaced with something much better. There are better ways to spend my time at this moment.

However, I did want to take a moment to get up a page introducing you all to the charter members of the I Do It For Foundation board. We don’t plan to stop here. We are starting with three just to get the ball rolling. We hope to expand it as we are able to present possible members with a more developed structure.

For now, swing on by read about Mike McCaskill, David Mruz and Jonathan Pait. Again, please excuse the rudimentary web page. You can click on the page header to go to the I Do It For Foundation home page.

Meet the I Do It For ___ board.

Now, I’m going to go ride my bicycle!

I am still doing it

I Do It For FoundationIt is time for an update on the I Do It For Foundation. We are still moving forward, but it is going agonisingly slow from my perspective. Perhaps if I could devote full-time energy to the project we would farther along right now. Hang in there with me!

Incorporation: The papers are signed and submitted. We’re just waiting to hear back from the state of South Carolina. Once we receive it, we can take the EIN and open the checking account. We will then be able to move the funds there and start receiving more donations for our coming projects. This will be a big step forward!

501c3 Status: When we submitted the papers for the incorporation, we also sent our stuff off to the IRS to get our charitable status. My understanding is that this could take awhile. However, we are able to let everyone know we have submitted the request and money given can count as tax-deductable when the next tax-season rolls around.

Team Low Cadence: The club has been created with USA Cycling. The main thing we are waiting for is the kit design. It should be coming to my email box any day now. Once I have something to show you guys, I will open up the form to submit your request to join the team. You can then list the team on your USA Cycling lisence.

Oh, and be sure to hang onto the receipt! You’ll need it to submit once you complete your required races for the 2013 season. We’ll need that receipt to reimburse you.

Also, regarding the kits. We will be using Hincapie Sportswear for this year. If you are wondering about the sizing, they will be producing race-cut kits using the Velocity pattern.

Future Events: Here is where it gets exciting. Working with USA Cycling and event organizers in Memphis, Tennessee, we are making plans for a great event in that city. It will obviously include cycling, but we are aiming for more of a Active Festival of events from different disciplines.

Imagine a cyclocross race on a Friday night followed by both a charity run and ride Saturday morning. Along with this would be vendors and entertainment for the families of participants and spectators. I’d also be interested in hearing from you all on things you wish folks would include in these types of events that you don’t see. Also, give me feedback on the thing you really enjoy at events like this.

Tools: I am meeting with The Worthwhile Company after the first of the year to build an Information Architecture. This would be where they pull out of my brain all the ideas that I want to see come alive. They will then do user studies and market analysis of similar organizations. In the end, I will receive a path forward. Then it will be just a matter of finding the right fit to make the plan a reality.

I Do It For ___ Events: Already there are a number of people who have expressed interest in using I Do It For to stage an event to help out someone in need. So far, there is more interest in I Run For ___ events than I Ride For ___. That is okay with me. If anyone wants to do an I Eat For ___ event, I’m all for it!

I just get the sense that there are all this little winding streams that are all over the place. I’m trying to keep up with all of them. I know they are flowing in the right direction, but I haven’t seen them all connect yet.

In 2013, I’m convinced I’ll see one stream connect to another and then another… before long there will be a rushing river on which I’m just trying to control the boat! The interest people have in the foundation is surprising to me. It gives me confidence that there will be plenty of people jumping in the river with me once things start flowing.

Thank you for your patience. I trust that next year at this time, I will be able to look back at this post and chuckle at my frustrations. More than that, I hope I will be able to look back and see many people who have received aid from the I Do It For Foundation.