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Do it for someone you love!

It is that time again — time to place your order for the I Do It For Foundation “I Ride For ___” jersey and shorts. You can show your support for the foundation and more importantly for someone you wish to encourage by wearing the I Ride For ___ jersey in your next event or just anytime you ride. We have the custom order store open until October 26, 2015.

I Ride for Mike. Who do you ride for?

I Ride for Mike. Who do you ride for?

The jersey and shorts are high quality pieces by Starlight Apparel and were designed by Scottie Weiss. We were going for a classic look that is noticeable and yet useful. You’ll love the fit and the finish of this gear. You can also top it off with a wind vest for the cooler days.


Thank you for considering supporting the I Do It For Foundation in this way. The foundation has gone through some challenges over the last year and we have not been able to back as many campaigns as we would like. We would love to gear up to make the 2016 season our best. You can help by gearing up with the I Ride For ___ kit!

Low Cadence kits now available!

New Low Cadence cycling kits are now available! For a gift of $150 you will receive a jersey and bib shorts. A single jersey will be $75. 100% of all donations given go to the Michael T. McCaskill Memorial scholarship fund. The premiums are my gifts to you for your generosity.

We will place the order as soon as a minimum is met. To assure that you receive your order in a timely manner, please place your donation before June 28, 2010. We will run another order if needed after that date, but we cannot guarantee the arrival of the items before the event.

The kits are a race cut. This is a tighter fitting garment. The following charts are meant as an aid in helping you determine which size will best fit you. Click on each chart to enlarge it (It will open a new window). Please include the size you would like when placing your order.

Men’s Jersey and Bib Shorts:

Women’s Jersey and Bib Shorts:

Remember, here is how you order:

  1. Go to the following secure site: https://protect.bju.edu/bju/giving/
  2. Choose as your Designation: Demonstrative Need Scholarship Fund
  3. In the Gift Instructions area enter: Ride for Mike (It is important to note this)
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: Indicate the number kits requested along with gender and size for each. Any special instructions (such as a different shipping address) should also go here.

  5. Submit the form and your gift will be processed.

I need your help choosing a jersey

Don’t have much to post about today. I’m going through a rest period and I’ve also been feeling a little flat. Saturday’s ride was good. Tonight should be fun out at the Tuesday Night World Championships. I really think I need to get to the coming Saturday when I’ll put my race wheels back on and get with it!

Things have slowed down a bit with the 2010 Ride For Mike as well. Much of that has to do with me feeling a bit flat. I’ve been going on such a high with the plans for the event that I knew I would have to come down at some point! However, I did get a some more jersey designs. It is neat to see them, but I would be more excited to see them delivered to Hincapie Sportswear and this long awaited process get underway!

You can help by telling me which design you like the most:

Original LowCadence Jersey Design

Original LowCadence Jersey Design (click to enlarge)

This is the original design – with a slight change in the location of the sponsor logos on the back. We’re going to need to find a way to enlarge those logos in order to better expose the sponsors. Do you like this one, or would you prefer one of the next two options?

Jersey Option Number Two

Jersey Option Number Two (click to enlarge)

The Beautiful Redhead really likes this one. She thinks the addition of the white helps the design “pop” a little more and also gives a better contrast for some of the logos. I’m thinking it might also be a good way to work out the logo problem. We could have one sponsor logo on the front and remove it from the back and then spread the three remaining logos across the pockets. Hmmmmm… any other ideas?

The Third Jersey Option

The Third Jersey Option (click to enlarge)

The third one expands the white portions introduced in the second option. It would make the adjustment of the logos a little harder, but it does give the jersey a little more “motion.”  So, what do you think? One, Two, or Three?

Low Cadence kit design – come get the goodness!

It has taken a while, but the design for the first ever Low Cadence cycling kit is complete! We are currently readying the design for Hincapie Sportswear who will be creating the custom kits for us. You can express your interest in a kit at the contact information below.

Why have a LowCadence.com kit? The idea actually came about as I was planning the 2010 Ride For Mike. Looking for fun ways to raise money for ride, I decided to check on what it would take to get a kit made for the ride. Then I realized that people would not have as much of a connection with Ride for Mike and there might not be as many people willing to purchase them.

I sat down with Chris Hartzler and we talked about what approach we should take. It only made sense to create a kit that more people would associate with and would have life beyond the ride. Branding the kit with Low Cadence was the way to go. I then commissioned Chris to create a kit that “even if people had no idea what Low Cadence is, they would want to have one.” Here’s hoping that he succeeded!

The pricing for the kits is not set as of this time. I have to get a better idea on the cost for production. However, this will be a fund raising endeavor with ALL the money going to the 2010 Ride for Mike. Are you interested? It would be very helpful that if you would like to have a kit you contact me at lowcadence@pait.org. This does not obligate you to purchase a kit, but it does help me better gauge interest and wrap up the timing of the project. The more initial interest, the sooner I can get them.

Thanks for reading and supporting LowCadence.com.

POA Cycling Team will ride in style

After a little trouble getting through customs due to a misplaced packing slip, my team’s kits arrived for us to pick up yesterday. So, I left work about 30 minutes early to head over to Sunshine Cycle Shop to pick mine up. I’m very pleased that we are using the same design this year, but I was a little disappointed with one mix up.

First for the good news. These kits got a bit of attention when they came out last year. Some say they are a little busy, but most people I run into really like them. Riding in other cities, I’ve been stopped and asked about the design.

2010 POA Cycling Team jersey

2010 POA Cycling Team jersey

After a ride in Austin, Texas, I swung by Mellow Johnny’s, Lance Armstrong’s bike shop in Austin, to look through Kevin Livingston’s Pedal Hard facility. As I was getting ready to walk out, Kevin interrupted a conversation he was having to say to me, “Great kit. Where is it from?” I told him and he said, “It grabs attention like a Rock Racing kit, but without the garishness.” From a former pro, that was pretty cool!

We are going with Hincapie Sportswear again this year. This particular kit is the Hincapie Velocity line. The jersey is a 12 panel jersey with breathable panels where you want them most to help keep you cool. The fabric is very light weight and slick. I’m sure a properly fitting one would have you sliding through the wind.

The bibs are my favorite item. Lycra leg bands now replace the little rubber leg grabbers that used to be around the legs. The cut is good and the padding in just the right places. It is also made to hold up well over a long season of wear.

The Lycra leg bands include the Giant logo

The Lycra leg bands include the Giant logo

Of course, it all wouldn’t happen without our sponsors. A special thanks to Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates for being our primary sponsor and Eastside Chiropractic for giving us both financial support as well as some incredible service support. You are very appreciated and I’ll sing your praises!

A shot of some of the great sponsors

A shot of some of the great sponsors

So as I was there at our sponsor Sunshine Cycle Shop to pick up my uniform, I picked up my packages to take a good look. The first thing I saw was an “L”. Uh oh. This was the bad news.

The night we test fitted the Velocity line, there was a lot of going back and forth about what size to get. For me it seemed that the large bibs fit best, but the medium jersey was definitely what I needed. However, what happened is behind us, but I ended up with a large jersey… and folks, it is LARGE.

At first I was pretty disappointed. I was really looking forward to finally getting the stuff and then to have it not be right kind of got under my skin. Now I’m getting over it. Sure it is large, but I can still wear it and and Dr. Mruz told me, I can always get it altered.

I do have to throw this in as a parting picture. This kit also means something to me because it is the first time my company is sponsoring a cycling team. It is a small deal, but who knows what the future will hold… Worthwhile Racing?

The seeds of something bigger?

The seeds of something bigger?

Alright… let’s go racin’ boys!