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Why “Low Cadence” dot com?

After Thursday night’s killer ride (averaged over 250 watts for 1.5 hours) I took Friday off.  Then today I went out for a spin just to stay loose in anticipation of Monday’s Assault on Mount Mitchell.  While out there, I started hearing some mystery popping noise and decided to swing by Sunshine Cycle Shop to see if the guys could help me kill the gremlin.

While there I got asked the question from someone who had not yet visited this blog. “Why ‘Low Cadence’?” he asked.  Actually, people don’t normally say it that way.  It is more like, “Low Cadence?” The look on their faces could be read as “Why on earth would you name it that?”

Well, here is the answer.  1) High Cadence is already taken (actually, I could have it if I wanted to pay some domain squatter for the domain), and 2) it fits with my riding style.  People are always getting onto me for pushing too big of a gear for conditions.  Where you should be turning 80 to 90 rpm, I’ll be recording turns of 70 to 80.

So, as I was deciding what to call this blog, it made sense to name it Low Cadence.  Besides, it seems to be more interesting than High Cadence.  Whatever the name, thanks for reading! By the way, the guys found out what was causing the popping sound.  Now I won’t go mad climbing to Mt. Mitchell.