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If you enjoy LowCadence.com, join my fight

NOTE: This is an archived article from September, 2009. I appreciate all that gave to this endeavor, but realize that the links, etc. are out of date.

There are less than thirty days before the Palmetto Peloton Project Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride leaves from Greenvile, SC to Austin, TX.  I agreed to go on the ride soon after finishing last year’s first ever attempt for the project.  It was a wonderful experience, but I have to admit that my focus has been on other things.

Well, I’m having to do some thinking about it now!  Last year I was pretty nervous about participating because I didn’t know what to expect.  Most likely, I was over prepared.

This year, I know what to expect, and I’m starting to get nervous again!  I don’t believe I have prepared nearly enough.  Now, that doesn’t mean I think I can’t make it.  What it does mean is that I realize that it could be pretty painful.

Check out the website for my ride – RideForMike.com.  You can also learn more about the P3C3 organized ride at P3Ride.org.  The Palmetto Peloton Project has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight cancer.  I’m glad to be a part of it.

I do need your help.  I have set October 1st as the deadline for raising the funds necessary to meet the required fund raising goal.  Please, consider giving to this worthy project.

Join the Fight!

Join the Fight!

You can also give directly through the P3C3 donation page.  Any other means of donation would also be appreciated.  Just contact me at jonathan@pait.org.