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Fundraising and Strava videos

4 Days – $18,135

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Before I get to my blog on yesterday’s time on the bicycle, I want to take a moment to announce yet another anonymous gift given to the 2012 Ride for Mike. This gift of $2000 was given to as a way to encourage Debbie Croxton as she fights her battle with cancer. This one hit close.

Debbie and I were “cabin partners” back in my younger days working at camp. Each cabin had a “sister” or “brother” cabin from the “other side” of camp. The cabins shared names and depending on the “cootie-meter” for that particular week would sometimes do things together.

Of all my sister cabin leaders, Debbie always stuck out in my mind. I remember her as quietly strong, but with a mischievous streak. She could hold her own in the rough and tumble world of camp games as well!

So, it was a shock when I received an invitation to a group on Facebook entitled, “Debbie Does It!” It was a group formed by her friends to show support for Debbie in her battle. So often it seems that cancer is like bombs falling from the sky. You hear the sound, but you’re not always sure where it is going to land. Sometimes the crater forms nearer than others. This was one of those close ones.

THIS is exactly what the I Do It For Foundation will seek to aid groups such as Debbie’s friends. We want to provide tangible tools and support to help people do more than they thought they could when seeking to support their friends and family members going through a trial. I can’t wait to get this thing off the ground!

Form for Debbie Fundraiser Luncheon
Click the image to enlarge and download form

Debbie Does It! Friends Supporting Debbie Bowers Croxton is doing it for her. They not only are offering emotional support online, but they are also helping with a fundraiser luncheon on October 28. If you would like to help, plan on attending the luncheon and sending in the form provided.

Hang in there, Debbie!

Okay, so what about the ride? Monday’s ride took me back to the Little Hill Near Cleveland Park. This was the Strava segment that it took me so long to win back. After finally getting it on Saturday, I was going to move on to other things.

However, I got to thinking that I hadn’t created one of my Strava videos in awhile. Since this was a short segment close to my house, I thought it might be good to go back and give it a whirl with the GoPro attached to the bike. I was surprised to return home to find that I had bested my previous time.

I still have a little bit of a pull to that hill… I finished this attempt in 31 seconds after pulling up for the car and then lifting across the line… what if I were to push all the way through?

Ah, the joys of cycling! 🙂

Make your plans to ride for Mike, Lisa and more

5 Days – $16,000

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Yesterday afternoon I was working on the board member biographies for the I Do It For Foundation at the time P3C3 crew pulled out of Greenville on their way to Austin for the Livestrong Challenge. It is with mixed emotions I followed the Spot Live map. My two years riding with the crew were two of the greatest experiences of my life. However, it is in part because of those rides that I found myself sitting writing board bios.

Saturday of this week we start our ride. It is going to be an exciting week. Experience tells me that it will be our biggest week for fundraising. Also, we should have an article coming out this week in The Greenville News about the I Do It For Foundation and the 2012 Ride for Mike. Of course, there is all the work to be done as well!

If you are planning on joining us for the ride, you need to make sure you have filled out the ride form at RideforMike.com. If you see your name listed at IDoItFor.org in the riders column, then we have already received your form. Now just check off the list below and wait for our emailed instructions.

  1. Be ready to arrive in Travelers Rest to be on your bicycle ready to roll out at 8 AM. We will be leaving from and returning to the home of a rider. We will include the address to the location in an email.
  2. Make sure your bicycle is functioning properly.
  3. Wear a helmet and I would advise you wear layered cycling apparel. We will start out pretty chilly. Have a small duffel bag with your name on it that we can place in the follow car. You can remove any layers and place them in the bag as we travel.
  4. Have newly charged lights on the front and rear of your bicycle. We will be starting out in the light of dawn. By the time we reach the end of the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, we should have clear daylight until the finish.
  5. Bring any food items that you prefer for nourishment on the bicycle. If you wish, you can bring extras in your duffel bag. However, we will be providing nutrition bars and water as well.
  6. Bring any preferred spares such as tires, or bicycle parts. We will have some available provided by Sunshine Cycle Shop, but if you have a preferred brand, etc. you will need to bring your own.

Note that this ride is a ride at your own risk event. Basically, you are joining Jonathan and Mike as they work to accomplish Mike’s first century ride. We will be coordinating together how riders going only part of the distance will transfer back to the start.

Finally, come ready to have some fun on the bike! The extended forecast is looking great. I only wish I was taking you all up into the mountains to enjoy the changing leaves.

Supporting LisaYou will notice that the total raised so far now stands at $16,000! That is thanks to an anonymous gift made in the honor of cancer warrior Lisa Deane who is currently fighting a battle against stage 2 breast cancer. You go, girl!

We can’t wait until the I Do It For Foundation is off the ground and we are able to do more tangible things to show our support for people like Lisa. As it is, we have to hope this gift in her honor will be an encouragement that people are praying for her and supporting her.

Hey, and she’ll at least get a t-shirt.

Another Mike we will be riding for

6 Days – $14,000

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Yesterday I was able to get back on the bike. I wouldn’t exactly call it training. There were two objectives for the ride: 1) mark out the route from our starting point to the trail head of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and 2) take back a Strava KOM that I lost in Cleveland Park. Other than accomplishing those objectives, I was pretty lazy!

We will be leaving from the home of Ride for Mike rider, Tim Ketler. My plan was to take us a little bit of a round about way to the cemetery where the SRT starts. It will be a little hilly, but we can tack 5 miles on to the front of the ride. Combining that start with the SRT gives us 20 miles.

That means that we are up to 40 miles excluding the tougher section of the ride. This should allow us to make it to Woodruff without having to do a loop once we get there. We can reach the end of Hwy. 101, stop in Woodruff for a break and then head back.

Objective one: accomplished

Riding out of Greenville, I had avoid the Fall River Park area. Fall for Greenville is underway and I was assuming the trail would be closed to riding in that area. However, I picked up the trail off of Pete Hollis at the Swamp Rabbit Trail Cafe and Grocery.

I then came upon a warning sign as I rode through Furman. This could potentially cause us problems for the Ride for Mike. Seems that someone is giving horse drawn carriage rides along the SRT for people who in their youth had actually ridden to commuter train that followed the rail line from Greenville to Travelers Rest and back.

Sign from SRT

Neat idea. Just hope it doesn't delay us.

I then marked my route for the Ride for Mike before stopping at The Forest Coffeehouse for a Pumpkin Spice coffee. This ride was turning into a pretty lazy one… and a lot of fun. So often I ride intending to turn the pedals every moment. I will rarely stop to enjoy things from a standstill. It was good to make myself stop.

Then it was on to Greenville for my last objective. It is a little hill just outside of Cleveland Park. I lost it earlier this week, but figured I could take it back with relative ease since I had not pushed very hard the initial attempt.

I tried it a couple of times and just came up short by seconds. I didn’t understand. So, I went back and looked more closely at the segment. Sure enough I discovered that I was starting my attack on the segment too late. The start began before the point I thought.

This time I ramped it up at the right time and got my KOM back. I even think that I could do it faster when I’m feeling a little fresher. So, maybe I can get it under 30 seconds. If you want to see the segment, check out the info below.

Objective two: accomplished

Finally, today, you will notice that our total has reached $14,000. This is due to a $2000 anonymous gift to the 2012 Ride for Mike in honor of another Mike, Mike Slattery, who is battling cancer. This 2012 Ride for Mike will also roll out with him on our minds.

Mike and Lynda Slattery

Another Mike we'll be riding for this year.

We Do It For

7 Days – $12,000

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Wow, seven days and Mike McCaskill will ride his first century. I’m excited to be a part of that and I’m looking forward to his success. At the same time, it has been an incredible journey heading toward that day. What has made it incredible is YOU.

First, you can see the $12,000 at the top of this post. Yesterday morning it was $10,400. I set as the goal for the day to pass $11,000. I thought that would be stretch. However, with the new wheel set offer on the table, we quickly climbed to $10,900.

Then about 10 o’clock last night I put out a plea on the Low Cadence Facebook page and Twitter for someone to knock out that last $100. I received two pledges almost simultaneously. One was for the $100 we needed and the second added a “0” to make it $1000. That was exciting!

I Do It For FoundationThe next piece of excitement came when I put together the I Do It For Foundation Facebook page. I wasn’t setting up really to use. I just wanted to make sure that I could get the URL I desired so that when we launch the foundation on October 22, we would be able to start without a hiccup.

I went ahead and introduced it to my Facebook friends and the “Likes” started rolling in. Then Mike McCaskill did the same and I finally had to step away from the computer at around 46. I had to get some sleep and watching them pop up was starting to get addicting!

This morning I woke up to 72 “Likes” on the page and they are still coming in… a little slower, but still coming in. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I have wondered if I was making my vision for the foundation clear. I know what I see it as in my head, but I don’t ever think I communicate it clearly enough.

The willingness of people I do not even know to give to this effort without the benefit of tax-deduction, the support the foundation has received online through sharing with others, and the phone calls and emails I have received with advice and encouragement; all these things have been incredible. I am convinced more than ever that I Do It For is going to succeed.

I am realizing every day that it isn’t so much about “I” it is about “We”… I Do It For is only possible as it becomes We Do It For.

A new alloy wheel set for a $50 gift?

8 Days – $10,400

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

We are into the final push of the fundraising for the 2012 Ride for Mike. Of course, we’ll continue to raise funds for the I Do It For Foundation beyond the ride. We just won’t make every Low Cadence post about it!

So, what is this about a new alloy wheel set for a $50 gift? Here is the fine print. It is part of a drawing.

Boyd Cycling Vitesse wheels

We are making available a set of Boyd Cycling Vitesse alloy clincher (tubular if you’re that kind of person) wheels. How you become a part of the drawing is by going to the pledge page, making your pledge of $50 or more and choosing the amount of unique numbers you wish to place in the drawing. You may give a larger amount as well — say, $300. In that case, you will be distributed 6 numbers.

Once 20 numbers are distributed, we will conduct the drawing. So, you will have at least a 1 – 20 chance of receiving the wheel set. If we do not reach the 20 number threshold by noon on Monday, October 22, we will conduct a drawing with the numbers we have available. If 20 numbers are distributed by Wednesday, October 17, we will have a second drawing following the same process.

You can learn more about these wheels at BoydCycling.com. We at Low Cadence appreciate the way Boyd Johnson and crew have worked with us over the years. The Low Cadence machine uses Boyd carbon 50mm clinchers for daily use. Here is an opportunity for you to help a cause and get your own set of Boyd wheels.

People ask why we do these promotions instead of just asking for money. All of the people who have given to Ride for Mike would have done so without these promotions. We are thankful to have that kind of support.

The reason we do it is because we want to give back to those who give. This is not a gimmick to raise money, it is our way of saying “Thank you” and recognizing the sacrifice of your gift. So, feel free to give out of the goodness of your heart, but don’t deny us the pleasure of expressing our appreciation in these tangible ways.

Besides, it makes it a lot more fun!

Give us some face on Facebook

9 Days – $10,400

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Nine days. That is all we have before the 2012 Ride for Mike. There are lots of exciting things going on, but with the excitement comes pressure and work. I’m at the “I hope I don’t drop one of these balls” stage!

Yesterday was an uplifting and depressing day all in one. The news broke of the USADA report where several professional cyclists I have enjoyed following since I began riding confessed to “doping” in years past. As I wrote yesterday, it was no surprise. As much as my heart hoped that they had ridden cleanly, my brain told me that it was a pipe dream.

So, the news was not a surprise. I don’t tie my happiness or hope for humankind up in the behavior of professional cyclists. It is what it is. My hope is that something good comes out of it and that professional cycling will take another step forward. However, I’ll make this last comment — if you think the code of silence in cycling is over, think again. Human nature is betting against you.

Now for the good news! You can see it above. We crossed the $10,000 barrier yesterday! We’re now at $10,400 as I type this. With nine days to go, who knows what we might end up with! You can do your part to support the I Do It For Foundation.

I also had the privilege to be interviewed by the Greenville News. I’m looking forward to the story appearing somewhere in the paper within the next week. The writer is also interviewing Mike. It will be fun to be in the article together.

Thank you so much for all the people who are giving in non-monetary ways. There have been those people who have opened doors for me to meet with people of influence who can give lasting help to the foundation. Others have come along side to offer a helping hand with logistics. Again, I can’t say thank you enough to Chris Hartzler and the help he has and continues to give in creating a great brand for I Do It For _____.

Here is a way you can help. Take the image below and save it to your computer. Upload it to your Facebook page and ask people to support the ride. Consider using the text below in the images description and that will point people to where they want to go.

“Please support the 2012 Ride for Mike that is raising funds to kickstart the I Do It For Foundation. Learn more about the ride and the foundation at http://rideformike.com/.”

Thank you, everyone for your support! I am truly blessed. I look forward to the foundation representing the hard work of all of us.

We keep smashing our targets

10 Days – $09,020

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Ten more days. Time to start seriously getting everything together for Mike’s first century. It has been exciting to see how things are coming together. It gives me confidence that things will go well on October 20 and beyond. Even the extended forecast looks good for our small band of riders.

It would be really cool if today with 10 days to go that we could break the $10,000 mark. Remember, there are a couple of things to encourage you in that direction. In today’s blog, I’m going to list them for you… plus that item we haven’t used in the totals: the WebbWorks custom bamboo bicycle.

Beans on a Mission!

Low Cadence coffee

Remember, if you give at least $20, you will receive a pound of Low Cadence coffee. This is a special blend that I picked out myself. Ask anyone who has had any and if you can get them to stop smelling it, they will tell you it is some awesome coffee.

We call those little dark brown buddies “Beans on a Mission.” They can find their way to your coffee cup when you fill out the pledge form and indicate you would like a pound delivered. Be sure to enter your address so they can find you.

Ride for Mike t-shirt

2012 Ride for Mike t-shirt

Get your t-shirt!

These t-shirts are brand new for this ride. If you have already given to the ride, then you will automatically receive one. However, you have an opportunity to get your own by giving $50 or more to the 2012 Ride for Mike. “Well, that t-shirt isn’t worth $50!” I guess that depends on how you look at it. Remember, you aren’t “buying” a t-shirt. You are giving to help kickstart the I Do It For Foundation.

All you need to do is submit your pledge and make sure you let us know what size you would like. We’ll also need your address so we’ll know how to get your threads to you.

Place your bid today!

WebbWorks bamboo bike

Charity auction for WebbWorks bamboo bicycle

The auction is still live until Friday, October 20 at noon. There is still a chance it could be yours. As I type this post, the high bid stands at $2820. Here is a secret. I do hope that it will cross the $3000 mark. That would be an awesome gift to the 2012 Ride for Mike, but it would also be a very good deal for the person who wins the auction!

All you need to do is follow this link and place your bid. We’ll keep you up to date via email with where the bidding stands. Good luck and happy bidding!

Thank you for giving

Of course, all of this is really just to make giving a little more fun. We know that you all give not for coffee, shirts or bicycles. It is from the goodness of your hearts that you participate. We do not take that lightly. These little “trinkets” are just our way of saying thank you.

Indeed, we thank you.

Ride for Mike – a life changing event

12 Days – $08,300

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Today we have a guest writing a post for the Low Cadence blog. I think the first time I met Mike McCaskill was playing golf with his son Michael T. McCaskill. Of course, I didn’t think of it much back then and that is probably why I’m not sure if that was the first time or not. The point is, I never knew at that time how our lives would intertwine.

A week or so ago, I asked Mike to answer a few questions and put them down for me to post here. “What was your first impression of the Ride for Mike?” “When did it ‘click’ for you what the ride was?” “What effect has the ride had on you?” Here is his answer…

Mike McCaskill

Mike McCaskill

Mike McCaskill: “Where am I now, in regards to the Ride For Mike?” is best answered by looking at where I started. I love telling the story of the ride for Mike because I always feel that it will encourage others along the way.

When Jonathan began the Ride For Mike in 2007, Janet and I really didn’t know Jonathan that well, but we thought that it was a nice thing to do for the cause of fighting cancer and thoughtful to do it in the memory of our son. We supported Jonathan financially by giving to each ride he did over the next two years.

2009 Ride for Mike jerseyThen things changed!  In 2009, after Jonathan did the “Challenge To Conquer Cancer” relay from Greenville SC to Austin TX, he gave me one of the jerseys on which he wrote “RideforMike 2009 Jonathan Pait”. I was overwhelmed with his kind gesture.

I began to wonder what this was all about. I went to the Low Cadence web site and looked at some of the video of the ride. On that video, I saw my son’s name written on a pennant, and at that moment I began to realize the magnitude of Jonathan’s efforts and the depth of his love for his friend—our son, Mike.  Now I’m really getting curious about how I can help him with his yearly ride.

We talked some about the 2010 ride, but I still didn’t really understand the mind of a cyclist. One day Jonathan and I talked, and he told me that he wanted to switch gears. Little did I know how large a gear he was about to get into.

He said he wanted to ride for a different reason –not for the fight against what took Mike’s life, but he wanted to bring to light what Mike’s life was all about.  Janet and I had already started a scholarship fund in Mike’s name for students who were interested in going into the ministry to work with young people. That was Mike’s life. That was what the ride in 2010 would be all about — riding his bike down the path that God had taken Mike.

It was settled.  Jonathan would ride from Memphis  to Greenville, then on to Raleigh in seven days, a total of 700 miles. I still didn’t understand what it would take to do that ride.

Well, he came to Memphis and after attending morning worship, he hit the road. Starting out with him was Corey Nelson and Chris Phillips. Annette, the person he calls “the beautiful redhead” (whom I call his wife), followed in the sag car.

Janet, Lora and Grace (Mike’s wife and daughter), and I took off in the lead to help get him headed in the right direction and out onto Hwy 72. It was one of the most exciting things I had done in years. As we headed east, I could see the three guys in my rear view mirror riding and talking. Then about 20-30 miles out the two dropped and Jonathan was on his own.

We could only go about 50-60 miles that day with Jonathan, but it was enough to change the direction of my life. At that time I was 40 pounds overweight, struggling to keep all my numbers satisfactory for my doctors and extremely worried about having another heart attack. As I watched Jonathan, I thought to myself, “you know, I ought to get myself a bike and next year ride 10 miles or so with him. That’s the least I can do.”

We left Jonathan that day riding those hills on his way to Raleigh, North Carolina. It just about killed me to watch him and Annette ride off that day, but I wasn’t leaving my thoughts behind about getting a bike. He finished the ride in 7 days, a total of 700 miles, in one of the hottest summers we had in years. I went home determined to make a change.

Yep, I got a bike and I began to ride. Being so out of shape, and not having been on a bike since I was a kid just about killed me. All I could think of was Mike and how he would be encouraging me to do it. I remembered how he went through so many things and yet did not complain one time or even ask why.

I had to do it!! Someway or somehow, I was going to be beside Jonathan for the 2011 Ride for Mike. It wasn’t easy.

My first ride was less than one half mile. After I finished that half mile, I went in the house, flopped down in my chair with my helmet still on, gasped for breath and almost passed out. Man!! I thought if I could just get to one mile.

It was clear I had to lose weight and get in shape. I got a trainer’s name from Bike World located in Memphis and I called her. Lisa Burch began to work with me on nutrition and core strength. She is a triathlete so she could help me on my bike as well.

I lost 40 pounds and began to feel like I hadn’t felt since I had the heart attack. By the way, Mike saved my life the day I had the heart attack, but that story is for another day. I was getting ready to take the next step in this story.

The 2011 Ride for Mike included a fifty mile ride on Saturday followed by Jonathan’s ride of 220 miles in one day from Greenville to Charleston. This year would be a turning point for the Ride for Mike. Jonathan told me about a beautiful young girl, Rebeka Grace Ellis, who suffered from a congenital heart defect. Jonathan’s idea was to raise money for medical expenses and encourage the family. Great Idea!!

I loaded my bike and worried all the way to Greenville. Had I trained hard enough? Was I just fooling myself? Could I really do it? I had never ridden fifty miles — much less in the mountains!Are you kidding me?

I did it!! I rode next to the guy that got it all started. I was ecstatic.

Now, to bring us back to the present. Many people make resolutions about losing weight or getting in shape, but this was different for me. I had a purpose to be on that bike and ride. Not only because for the first time in ten years the doctor is telling me that all my numbers are in range or that I feel better or that I have lost the weight; The purpose now is not for me, but for others.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy riding or the way it makes me feel when I climb a hill or race with some friends. But if those were the only reasons, then it would get old for me. When Jonathan told me about his idea for the “I Do It For Foundation,” I knew immediately that this was it.

The Ride for Mike now had developed into what his life was all about. To be able to help others in their fight against whatever they are facing, to be able to come alongside of those in pain, and to be able to be an encouragement to them is a purpose that never grows old.

This year at The Ride for Mike I am going to try to do 100 miles with Jonathan and others. I’ve never ridden that far and don’t know that I will make it. I just know that the purpose will motivate me more than ever before to do it.

We are doing the ride this year to help fund the new foundation. I’m riding this year, not only for the memory of my son, not just the foundation, but for some other dear folks who are in the middle of a fierce battle for their life. My prayer is that those who read this will be encouraged to know that there are those that you have never met who care about you.

I Do It For You.

Would you race for Team Low Cadence?

13 Days – $08,300

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Here’s an idea. It didn’t come to me in a dream. It came to me in the middle of a bike ride. Seems a lot of my ideas come in the saddle… or in the shower. But enough of that, here is the idea.

Team Low Cadence

Low Cadence Cycling Team?

What do you think of the idea of the I Do It For Foundation starting a cycling team? The team would be based off of this blog (which will within the next couple of months become the “Official blog of the I Do It For Foundation”) and be called Team Low Cadence. Here is how it would work.

Anyone interested in being a part of Team Low Cadence would go to IDoItFor.org and fill out a form expressing their interest. Interested parties would be two different groups… recreational riders and racers. They would participate on two different levels.

Recreational Riders

These riders would would simply sign up by giving their personal information and committing to stage their own individual or group charity ride using the IDoItFor.org tools. They would receive their own personalized I Ride For ____ kit when they started the process of promoting their ride. They would not need to race to be a part of this group.


For racers it would be a bit different. Racers who sign up to be a member of Team Low Cadence would receive a team issue I Do It For kit before the start of the racing season. They would be required to wear the kit during races in which they participate. They would also be required to stage their own individual or group charity ride using the IDoItFor.org tools.

However, it doesn’t end there. If a racer joins Team Low Cadence committing to race for the team during the season, his or her fee for the USA Cycling license would be reimbursed by the I Do It For Foundation after they compete in a requisite number of events. There would also be podium bonuses for Category 3, 2 and 1 riders. They would simply show their finish on the official USA Cycling web site along with a photo from the race (preferably a podium shot) of them wearing their team kit.

Hair-brained idea? I was just thinking that it would be a great way to get publicity for the foundation and at the same time draw people into staging their own events. It really isn’t hard to go out and stage an individual ride for the purpose of helping someone in need. The I Do It For Foundation would make it even easier to be successful.

Perhaps a number of racers in an area could come together and form a team that would allow them to use team tactics. They could work together on their I Do It For event. At the same time they could support a worthy foundation and not have the expense of purchasing team gear.

Crazy idea? Sometimes those are the most risky ones… but sometimes the best ones.

The hallmarks of I Do It For

14 Days – $08,300

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Before I started typing this I was getting a little discouraged. As you know, I haven’t been on the bike that much. Today I was hoping to get in a long ride to judge my endurance level.

Well, turns out I have Thing Three’s soccer game this morning and then there is a Bruins soccer game at 5 PM. I have to set up for the alumni area there before the gates open. So, at the most, I am going to get in another one hour ride today.

BUT I can’t be discouraged. There is just too much awesome stuff going on and I am thankful to be able to attend my son’s soccer game. I am also thankful for the opportunities I have to meet with alumni at the games. I am also excited about how the I Do It For Foundation is coming together!

That’s what I want to write about this morning. As we plan for the foundation, I’ve been working on a short business plan. As part of that there is a focus on the values of the organization. Basically, what do we want to be the hallmark philosophies behind what we do. During my hour long ride Friday evening a lot of things that have been rattling around in my brain connected into salient thought.

I Do It For Foundation

The proposed logo for the I Do It For Foundation

Passionate about People

Anytime I think of what the I Do It For Foundation does, this is at the tip of the spear. The focus will be on individuals and their needs. It isn’t that causes aren’t important. It isn’t that there isn’t value in banding together to fight a common enemy. Those are important. However, there are many organizations that focus on that. We want the focus to be primarily on people and secondarily on a cause.

Last night an anonymous donor gave $5000 to the Ride for Mike to be an encouragement to a young man starting his second battle against cancer. I felt like Santa Claus as I notified him of the gift in his honor. We’ll also be sending him a special I Ride For t-shirt. In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a big deal. However, that little bit of encouragement can mean a lot during a hard time.

Imagine a family struggling to pay medical expenses suddenly learning that a friend, relative or local bicycle club is going to do an event in their honor. They get the ongoing encouragement as the ride is promoted and planned. Then that all culminates in the tangible benefit of funds designated to their personal need. It gives me goosebumps!

Transparent with Truth

Another hallmark of the foundation is transparency. While we will always strive to be careful with the privacy of our donors, we will be transparent with where the money goes. My dream in this regard is that the accounting is public where you can come to IDoItFor.org and check out the ledger on a realtime basis.

We never want people to raise a question as to whether the funds are being used in ways described by the organization. Obviously, there will be reports that have to be filed with the government, but we want to report to our supporters well before we have to do so to the government.

Selfless in Service

In all of this, the foundation can never be the purpose for its existence. It exists for the mission we are trying to fulfill. If ever the objective is simply to grow the foundation, then we have failed.

The foundation must grow. The money that comes in will not directly go to individuals. Some of it may at some point go to pay administrative salaries. Definitely money will go into building tools and purchasing promotional materials.

However, the administrator must be selfless in his or her service to the people the tools are being built to serve and for whom the promotional materials are being created to encourage.

I Do It For is unique. While it is focused on getting tangible help and emotional encouragement to individuals, it does not do so directly. It is an organization that seeks to motivate and equip others to provide that tangible help and emotional encouragement. It exists to take away the burden of logistics and marketing to empower individuals and groups to lift up individuals in need. Here is really what makes it unique: All of this is done free of charge.

Because of its unique mission, it is very important that the I Do It For Foundation be passionate about people, transparent with truth and selfless in service.