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Join me at the Wall of Love

With the Assault on Mount Mitchell over, I can turn my attention to my next big endurance challenge.  Only this time the challenge tests more than just my physical endurance.  It will also test my faith in seeing something monumental accomplished.

If you are a regular reader of LowCadence.com, I ask you to please take a moment and consider this post.  What I am going to ask of you is a tangible way to give me some encouragement while at the same time accomplishing two other more important things – 1) show your respect for a friend or relative fighting cancer, and 2) join their fight by donating toward causes that seek a cure and offer support.

Once again I will be taking part in the Challenge to Conquer Cancer Ride in memory of my friend Michael McCaskill who passed away in 2007.  The headquarters for my participation in the ride is the site RideForMike.com.  My hope is that 500 other people will join me in adding names to the Wall of Love.

I am asking you to join me be giving at least $10 to the cause.  For each $10 you give, you can place the name of an individual you wish to honor or memorialize on the wall.  Every name that appears on the Wall of Love will also go with us on our 1400 mile trip from Greenville, SC to Austin, TX.  Each image you see on this digital wall represents a car magnet that will be placed on our support vehicles.

Join the Fight!

Join the Fight!

500 of those will turn a minivan yellow!  Just click on the image above or go to RideForMike.com.  You can also follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the P3Ride.org donation page and designate your support to rider Jonathan Pait
  2. Contact me at jpait@me.com with the amount you designated and the name(s) you wish to appear on the wall
  3. Check back to the Wall of Love after 24 hours and see your names listed

Right now we are at $250.  Only $4750 to go!  I’ll need your help to make it happen.  Join me at the Wall of Love today.