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One of the incredible things I benefited from by participating in last year’s Palmetto Peloton Project’s Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride was to hear the stories of many surviors who have fought cancer and won.  It was also an exercise of my compassion as we would stop at various restaurants and gas stations along the way and have total strangers open up to their own battles once they learned of our mission.  Certainly, while we ride there are people on our hearts for whom we ride.

One of those warriors we as a group had decided to encourage was Scott Shuey.  It looked early on as though Scott would be able to join us on our trip to Texas.  His CaringBridge site was even entitled ScottStrong – a play off the LiveStrong name.  However, it was not to be and Scott was fighting for his life these last months.

Today we learned that Scott passed away.  I received the following email from our leader, Ron.  I never met Scott in person – only through the Internet.  Still my heart aches this morning for his family.

Scott passed away peacefully this morning at 2:15 with his wife and mom by his side in his home.  Scott was able to go to Kentucky over the weekend and be the best man in his brother’s wedding.  It was such a happy weekend for him and his family.  Please continue to pray for his family during this very difficult time.

ScottStrong – This ride is for you.

It seems that the number grows each day of those I learn who are fighting this disease.  Kim, Juanita, and more…  Certainly this is a battle worth us joining to fight… and so, I ride for Mike, and Scott, and Kim, and Jennifer, and Tim…