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This saddle rocks!

It is about time for a Random Page of the Day installment… and do I mean random!

I love me Specialized Toupe saddle.  It is a little scratched up and not so pretty anymore, but it is like a comfortable old friend.  I’m afraid to ever switch to another saddle for fear of the uncomfortable consequences.

Guess I’m not a Real Man.  If I were, I would want the Saddle for REAL MEN!  Somehow I think my relationship with such a saddle would be a little rocky.

Of course, this piece of humor comes from the ruminations of the late Sheldon Brown.  He always had a way to make sure cyclists didn’t take themselves too seriously.  Thanks to the Internet, his gifts to the bicycling world continue on.

On to other things… Upstate rider for Columbia-Highroad, Craig Lewis, is racing this week in the Tour of Romandie.  Yesterday was a time trial.  Craig finished 12 seconds behind his leader and teammate Frantisek Rabon.

I didn’t get out to Donaldson Center last night.  I heard it was a pretty tough one.  Would have liked to have been out there, but I have to remember to keep my priorities straight.  I love riding my bike, but there are more important things in life… I’m thinking primarily of the beautiful redhead and the Things Three.