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Good by Allez

I stood by the front door watching the Allez being loaded onto the back of a pickup truck. You can go ahead and laugh at me, but my eyes got a little misty and my throat got a lump in it. Turns out it was harder to part with the bike than I thought.

The 2006 Specialized Allez was the first road bike I have ever owned. It became mine back when I worked out a deal with Sunshine Cycle Shop to do a redesign of their Web site. Thousands of happy miles later, it was time to become someone elses’ machine.

When the opportunity came to buy a team bike at a very good price, I determined I would narrow my bike inventory down to just the one bike. Having two wheelsets would take the place of two bikes. The Giant would replace my Tarmac and Allez.

The Allez carried me on my first metric century, my first century (which nearly killed me), and my first Assault on Marion. There were plenty of early Saturday morning rides with the Sunshine crew. I had several accidents on that bike as well!

The bike started out with a triple. It wasn’t long after I got it that I upgraded the machine to a compact crank. With some red sidewall Michelin racing tires, it looked pretty sweet!

The bike does have a small ding on the top tube where my kids knocked it over one day after I got home from a ride. One of the brake levers is scraped a bit from when I wrecked the bike coming down Altamont Road. However, my body took most of the damage when I went down.

Come to think of it, the last ride I had on the bike was when I broke my pinkie finger. The first race after I stopped using the Allez as my primary bike I dislocated the same finger. Seems like my pinkie incidents are directly related to my bike changes!

Jonathan told me he would send me a picture of himself and the Allez. I won’t be seeing it around here since the bike will now be in Virginia. Still, I know it is going to a good home. Better yet, with the money I am getting from the Allez and the Tarmac, I should be able to come close to covering the cost of my Giant.

Sometimes practicality outweighs sentiment!

Help me support my habit

UPDATE: The Allez now has a new home.

Know of anyone looking for a good beginner bike to help get them started in the wonderful world of cycling? I’ve got one for them. There is a 2006 Specialized Allez Elite with upgraded wheels and components waiting for them in my garage.

2006 Specialized Allez Elite

2006 Specialized Allez Elite

It is a 58 cm frame. It has Shimano components (105s and a compact crank). Those are Mavic Kysirum Elite wheels. I just got it back from a full going over. There is new bar tape waiting for someone to get a grip on it.

There is one ding on the top tube where my children knocked it over. The shifters on one side are a bit scuffed from me sliding down. However, the frame is in great shape and it is a solid bike and at 19 pounds is a great beginner machine.

I’m asking $800 or best offer. I’m looking forward to getting a team bike and selling this one will help go toward paying for my upgrade. This was my first road bike, so I have to say there is some sentimental attachment.

If you know of someone interested (or if by some chance you are – I assume most people reading this blog already have their bike), give them my email address at jpait@stackofstuff.net.

Thanks, Eric

Yesterday I had a nice thing happen. I called an acquaintance to see about getting a logo screenprinted on a cycling jersey for my Ride for Mike. My hope was to get a one off print for as little as possible.

Turns out, Eric knows Mike and Mike’s parents are one of Eric’s customers. So, he responded that the printing was on him! If you have priced a custom, one-off screenprinting job, you know how nice that is.

He’ll be printing it on a Hincapie jersey. I’m hoping that I can get a jersey donated from Hincapie Sportswear and get a reprint on it so I can give it to Mike after the ride in September.

If you ever need some marketing items, be sure to give Precise Imprintable Products a call!

Oh, I took the new crank out last night. Had to ride a quick hour between my kids’ soccer games. I averaged 20.2 mph again. With the changes to my bike, that seems to be my new baseline. I can hit that average every time out. With a little conditioning, 20.5 is definitely in reach.

My bike is still popping though. It wasn’t the bottom bracket – at least not completely. It appears to be the frame itself or maybe the seat post. Anyway, when it starts popping, I can put my hand down and press down on the frame and the popping stops. I’m going to ride tomorrow with the Sunshine crew. Hope they can figure it out for me.

Bye, bye, triple

I no longer have a triple crank on my Allez. I’m now going to try to make it with two front rings. I’ll let you know what I think about it whenever I get a chance to try it out.

So, why did I do it? It was because ever since I got the bike the bottom bracket has made a racket. Whenever I would climb under load, it sounded like the crank was going to pop off the bike. Besides the physical stresses that most have been going on in there, I’ll add the mental annoyance of hearing that over and over again.

Turns out the problem was a documented issue with that crank set. So, the answer was to replace it. The deed is done, but I won’t get to test it out until tomorrow evening.

Hope my upgrade to a Shimano comp will cut out the racket!

I’m told that I really will have the same range at the triple with the added value of a solid bottom and smoother shifting. Somehow I am a little skeptical that the lower range of the gears will spin quite like the triple. I’ll let you know…

Picture this Allez

Check out the picture. It is my Specialized Allez Elite with my new Kysrium wheel set. I am lovin’ life. It is as smooth as butt’r!

2006 Specialized Allez Elite Triple

Last night I dressed out to ride before going to my son’s soccer game. I was sitting watching them chase the ball around and I looked down at my HRM. 53 bpm. Wow, that made me happy. This riding seems to be doing good things for the old ticker!


No riding since Thursday. I took my Allez into the shop for a tune-up knowing that I was going to be out of town for the weekend. It should be all fixed up today. Hope to get back in the saddle tonight.

Speaking of saddles. I talked with Bryant Young last night (he is the guy who rode across SC last week) and he was telling me that he ended up with “saddle rot” — no not just saddle sores, but saddle rot. Frankly, I don’t even want to think about it.

He made the mistake of trying some new shorts just for trip. I guess it is true what I have heard, when you go to do a long ride don’t change anything. The smallest change in routine can throw you off mentally. The smallest change in equipment can lead to a break down — or in this case — saddle rot.

Great job, Bryant! Check out this recent story about his ride. Now on to the next challenge…

I got my bike back today

I hadn’t riden my Allez since Saturday when I went riding with the Sunshine boys (and girls). During that ride my bottom bracket started making an awful racket. So Tony told me I needed to get it replaced. It was under warranty, so I just needed to leave it with them and they would get the part and fix me up.

The job was done today. I picked it up after work, came home and ate, and then headed out to get in an hours ride. I came into the park with an average of 17.5 mph. Within one lap of the park, I had upped that to 18.5 mph.

Wow, maybe tonight I would break my record. Climbing Woodland Way for the first time, I was cruising along at 18 mph. I normally am climbing it at about 15 mph. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have it in me. My best time in an hour is 19.3 mph. Tonight I pulled off 19 mph even. I ended up doing 23 miles with an average of 17.5 mph. Going home always kills my average because there is a lot of climbing.

Right now I am pretty wiped out. Not having riden for several days has my body out of wack. The good news is the bike handled perfectly. No popping sounds.

Now I’ve just got to make up my mind if I am going to do a longer ride on Saturday…

Helmets are dangerous?

I found this story from across the pond to be interesting. This researcher put a sensor on his bike that would measure the distance drivers would give him based on whether he had his helmet on and several other factors.

Cyclists wearing helmets ‘more likely to be hit’
Telegraph, UK

I’m still wearing my helmet. I have “used” my helmet before and I would hate to think what would have happened to me without it. Ride safe!

Today I should be getting my bottom bracket replaced. Hopefully, I’ll get it back today so I can ride this evening. Sometimes it takes a while for Sunshine to get to the project because of all the work coming in. I should definitely have it before this weekend when I am planning on a longer ride. More on that later…

Bye, bye, while bar tape

No ride today. I did rewrap my handle bars. No longer do I have that glaring white tape on there. I put some black Specialized Phat tape on there and it looks good! More importantly, the tape is nice and tight. The white tape had started to separate and the gel beneath was all messy. Now it is even more padded than before with the new gel. Can’t wait to get on the seat and give it a try!