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Continuing to grow

Members of Team Low Cadence after a ride in Memphis, Tennessee

Members of Team Low Cadence after a ride in Memphis, Tennessee

A special thanks to all the riders, runners and triathletes who have joined with us in Team Low Cadence. We are now over 40 strong.

We now have team members in South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, and Thailand. It has been amazing to watch them all come in. It certainly isn’t because of anything I am doing! The team members are recruiting others simply by showing the passion they have for the mission of the I Do It For Foundation.

We are only a month away from our “show of force” at Memphis In May. It should be our first large gathering of the team. We’ll be getting the word out about the Run. Bike. Fun. Challenge event coming up in September. Several of us will also be competing in the triathlon that weekend.

Planning is also underway for at least two I Do It For ___ events. We hope to have promotion of them underway this summer with the events happening this fall. I appreciate the team members who are stepping forward to get the ball rolling on these even when all the piece are not in place.

Speaking of those pieces. I am meeting with the Web For Good (Go to: www.webforgood.org) team this Friday. They will be providing a preliminary presentation of the brand and messaging for the foundation. Then it will be on to the discovery phase where the entire Internet structure will be scoped out. Then it will be time to build!

The goal is to have the IDoItFor.org website application finished and operational before September. I can’t wait for it to be done. Once it is, I’ll feel a lot better about being able to tell the story of the foundation. Once we have that tangible tool available… WATCH OUT!

I must also admit that I need that tool. If we tried to cobble together what is needed to carry out an I Do It For ___ event each time without automation and shared applications, I would be overwhelmed. As it is, we wouldn’t be where we are today without some of the people you see in the picture above.

Much has been done. There is still more to do. Thank you, THANK YOU! to all the Team Low Cadence members for the hard work they are putting into making the I Do It For Foundation a reality.

Thank you, friends

Michael T. McCaskill's dad, Mike, and his sister, Beth.

Michael T. McCaskill’s dad, Mike, and his sister, Beth.

Seeing all these I Do It For Foundation kits going out the door is a major shot in the arm. I’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of a number of them popping up in Facebook and Twitter feeds. So far, I’ve seen at least one other one in person while riding the road. More should be delivered to Team Low Cadence members over the next couple of days.

I need to give a thank you to Chris Hartzler for the great design. I wasn’t sure exactly what to think as I viewed the original design. One think I did know, is that I trust his design sense and knew it wouldn’t go wrong. I was right. Seeing the kit in person had me saying, “Oh yeah!”

Thanks also to Hincapie Sportswear. These guys and gals helped us get the apparel on time. Everyone has been happy with the quality. I know I am enjoying it.

The “team” continues to grow. We’ll be receiving triathlon and running apparel from Nimblewear before the Memphis In May event. We’re going to have your active sports covered!

You can join Team Low Cadence as well. It is pretty simple… just go to the menu above and click on join the team. You will then be given options to join one of the active sport teams — Running, Triathlon or Cycling.

Yes, there are some growing pains as well get the foundation off the ground. Our goal is by the September Ride. Run. Fun. Challenge event to have the final systems in place to make more simple the process of joining and getting your apparel. It makes us appreciate even more those who have pioneered this process with us!

Thank you, friends… those who have helped make this possible and those who are joining with us to make the foundation a reality. YOU are Team Low Cadence. The I Do It For Foundation would not happen without you.


Commitment: Love the Work

A race report by Team Low Cadence member, Matt Jaeggli.

As the rain pours down and all but the most devoted stay indoors, we pull on extra clothing and submit into the deluge.” – Frank from Velominati

I’ve regained enough feeling in my fingers to type out the race report Jonathan asked of me. Here is a recap of Saturday’s Hincapie “Spring” Series Category 5 road race – the second race of my “career”.

La Bastide Finish Line

On Friday evening the forecast for Saturday morning’s 9am Cat 5 start time was looking to be cold and rainy. The conditions upon arrival at George Hincapie’s newly purchased La Bastide hotel fully lived up to the forecast. Rain was coming down steadily, making the 38 degree temp feel much colder. “This is Greenville, SC, not Ghent, Belgium”, I thought.

As I was sitting in my car steeling myself to “warm up”, the chief judge announced that the Cat 5 34- and 35+ fields would be combined and one lap would be taken off the women’s race. “Misery loves company,” as my friend Neil Browne likes to say when he shows up for our winter, Wednesday lunch rides over Paris Mountain. The Cat 5’s were slated to do 3 laps of an 8 miles course.

I Do It For Todd LurteyFor those of you who don’t know me, I’ve suffered from Crohn’s disease since middle school. Lately, my legs have been feeling like jello and my heart rate has been elevated. The fatigue was severe enough that I had my blood tested this week to check for low iron. Anyway, given my recent decline in fitness the plan for the day was to stay upright and not finish last.

Just before the start whistle blew, we were instructed to ride neutral for about 1.5 miles until we reached the turn onto Highway 11. As we descended Chinquapin Rd headed toward Highway 11, swearing could be heard above the rain. By the time we got onto Highway 11 I couldn’t feel my shift levers.

Our group was staying together pretty well considering the conditions. I tried to stay just off of center from the guy in front of me as that kept the road spray from his tires out of my mouth. Halfway through the first lap, after some rolling hills, we reached River Rd, which is a flat road (for Greenville) that runs alongside a golf course. Immediately after that turn folks on the front launched an attack. People everywhere, including myself, were shooting off the back.

The race became very strung out with several small groups of riders. Two guys broke away from the field on the 1.1 mile climb back up to La Bastide. They would stay away the rest of the race, culminating in a two man sprint and wheel-width victory by Chris Mathis. Chris has won a couple other of the Hincapie Spring Series races this season and is a very strong rider. Congratulations, Chris!

Back to my race. Someone pulled himself from the race on the first lap followed by similar complete disrespect of The Rules by a few more guys on the second lap. My goal for the next two laps was to try to beat at least one of the remaining riders to the line. The second lap was basically an individual time trial. At the beginning of the last lap I caught up with someone on the Greenville Spinners Race Team and we took turns sharing the work of bridging up to 3 others ahead. When we reached the final climb, we had closed the distance considerably, but not enough to pass them before the finish. About half-way up the hill I could hear his breathing get labored and I knew I would beat him to the line. Rounding the turn 200 meters from the uphill finish, I looked back to see I had put a lot of distance between him and me and was close to catching one of the guys we were chasing.

All-in-all, it was a good race. I kept the rubber side down and didn’t finish last. Never has a post-ride shower felt so good! And for all the talk of how bad the weather was, cyclists are masochists; deep down when you are suffering in inclement weather, you smile from ear to ear. Bring it, weather. Cycling in the worst weather is better than most everything else in the best conditions.

Updated and official Team Low Cadence flyer

UPDATE: Team Low Cadence has been closed. I Ride For ____ gear is now available without being a member of the team. Opportunity to order kit will open periodically.

The updated and official Team Low Cadence flyer is now available. You can see the images of the two-sided flyer and also download the printable PDF below. Here is a call to all team members to print this out and get out there to recruit more of us. We currently have 30 team members. Let’s keep growing!

Official Team Low Cadence Flyer

Official Team Low Cadence back


You download the flyer here [link]. For best results, it is suggested that you take the file to be printed at a service such as Kinkos. It is possible to print this on a color ink-jet printer, but the quality will not represent the original work.

Come along and join the team! We’re just getting started and the future is wide open. We’re excited already by the success we’ve seen. Be a part of it!

Weekend work

Here is something I was working on this weekend. “Well, didn’t you race?” You ask. No, I did not. I’ll save expressing the reason why for a time when I have more of it — time that is.

This weekend I had some time to finally focus on the I Do It For Foundation and Team Low Cadence. We now have 26 members of the team and I’m amazed by that. Still, I am hoping that we as a team can mobilize to bring on even more members to help us carry out our mission.

Part of that is coming up with information that helps explain what we are doing. Social media and other web tools are great, but sometimes you need some dead tree options. So, I created this flyer. I’m open to suggestions on what could make it better. However, by Wednesday I want to have this ready to go to the printer.

Team Low Cadence FlyerTeam Low Cadence Flyer (back)As usual, I’m open to suggestions. What could I do to make it better? Are there questions unanswered? Is there something more that you would like to know before you would make a decision to join us? Even if you have no plans to join, I would appreciate your feedback. If you prefer not to comment here, you can email me at info@idoitfor.org.

Have a wonderful Sunday. For those of you racing at the Greenville Spring Training Series, be SAFE out there!


Call for triathlon members

I am thankful for small victories. I was able to solve my sidebar issue on the blog post page of LowCadence.com. With that out of the way, I can turn my attention to sprucing things up to make the site more appealing. However, right now, let’s turn our attention to something else.

As a cyclist, I am excited about the growth of Team Low Cadence. In time, I hope there will be hundreds of TLC members around the country competing and showing compassion to those in need. I’ll be honest and say that I had hoped there would be a greater response out of the gate. However, I am truly thankful for the 20+ current members.

The Team Low Cadence triathlon top.

The Team Low Cadence triathlon top

What I didn’t expect was the interest from the triathlon community. Even some of the current cycling team members are triathletes. I’m only now becoming aware of this connection and am only now giving it the attention it deserves.

Really, it shouldn’t surprise me. The structure of Team Low Cadence is more individual-focused. Cyclist like to hang in packs. A team is a collection of individuals in close proximity working together during an event to accomplish a common objective. A team to the triathlete is more a supportive group surrounding the event, but when you hit the water you are on your own. For this reason it is understandable that triathletes would better grasp the concept of Team Low Cadence and fit into the model.

So, I am issuing a call to triathletes to join Team Low Cadence. We will be placing orders for triathlon apparel with a goal of making a splash at Memphis in May when we will launch the promotion for the 2013 I Do It For Foundation Run Bike Fun event. If we get enough orders soon, we will break the order in two and place one sooner than later. However, the final deadline to get in before Memphis in May is March 15.

You can learn more about joining by following the Join the Team link in the top menu. However, let me explain briefly why we want you to join. It is not merely to have people competing under the Team Low Cadence banner. The more important banner belongs to the I Do It For Foundation. Our team competes to help promote the foundation. However, it doesn’t end there. We are looking for team members who want to show compassion to people in need by participating as volunteers, supporting financially or using triathlon events to bring awareness to people in need.

For instance… You set your schedule to participate in a number of triathlons. Perhaps you set time goals for each event. You would then use the I Do It For Foundation to help promote a cause focused on helping someone you love.

Let’s say it is a small nephew named Timmy with a congenital heart defect. You want to raise a certain amount of money for the American Heart Association in his honor. I Do It For Foundation steps in and helps you promote your competitions as your I Tri For Timmy campaign. All the tools for promoting the campaign, taking pledges and motivating people to give is provided by I Do It For ___ free of charge.

Soooo, you get cool gear, the opportunity to be a part of something larger than yourself  and all the while you are bringing smiles to the face of a little boy and his family. That is a pretty cool picture! Why not help someone you love while doing something you love? Join us on Team Low Cadence!

Triathletes, rejoice!

Just a quick update here. The weekend was packed with work for the new Team Low Cadence website. Just to warn you… it will replace this site within the week. The blog will go on, but it will now be a part of the team instead of the primary presence at this domain.

Now, about those triathletes. I admit that I have no desire to participate in triathlons. The primary reason is the SWIM part of SWIM / BIKE / RUN. I’ve done my share of running in my day. Of course, you know I ride a bike. However, swimming has never been my thing. Frankly, I am a bit afraid of water… Well, not afraid of water, but afraid of sinking into large bodies of water and drowning!

Oh… about that rejoice part of the title of this post. While I may only venture into the duathlon world, there are many people who enjoy the discipline of triathlons. There are quite a few of those folks who are interested in Team Low Cadence. I have been humbled by the excitement that has been shared with me from those interested in pulling on the TLC colors for their events.

So, here you go, my friends. We will be making triathlon singlets available for Team Low Cadence members. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until tomorrow to designate your triathlete status, but we should have that active the evening of January 28, 2013.

TLC triathlon singlets will soon be available

TLC triathlon singlets will soon be available

A special thanks to NimblewearUSA for taking the lead on this project. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with them. Once again I have been humbled by the giving nature of so many people to make the I Do It For Foundation a success. In this case, I owe much to Chad Terry.

Finally, if you are wanting to join the Team Low Cadence cycling team and assure you get the proper fitting kit, you have until 5 PM today to join up and list your size. I will be placing the order this evening. Click the Join Team Low Cadence! link above to join.

The team continues to grow and so do our plans for 2013. However, I can’t wait until we are able to serve our first I Do It For participant who puts our team into action. While we are so busy trying to get the foundation started, it is so important that we never forget WHY we are.

Record and remind

Let’s get the work out of the way and then bring up some fun! We’ll start this morning’s post talking about the PowerInterval and then move on to Team Low Cadence news… and a little more. Here we go.

1.22.2013 Workout 1.24.2013 Workout
Warmup – 125 watts
PowerInterval 1:1 – 277 watts
RBI – 147 watts
PowerInterval 1:2 – 281 watts
RBI – 156 watts
PowerInterval 1:3 – 276 watts
RBS – 167 watts
PowerInterval 2:1 – 274 watts
RBI – 178 watts
PowerInterval 2:2 – 276 watts
RBI – 122 watts
PowerInterval 2:3 – 280 watts
Cool Down – 159 watts
Overall Average – 171 watts
Average Cadence – 92 rpm
Warmup – 154 watts
PowerInterval 1:1 – 280 watts
RBI – 95 watts
PowerInterval 1:2 – 290 watts
RBI – 141 watts
PowerInterval 1:3 – 307 watts
RBS – 132 watts
PowerInterval 2:1 – 304 watts
RBI – 141 watts
PowerInterval 2:2 – 308 watts
RBI – 142 watts
PowerInterval 2:3 – 304 watts
Cool Down – 125 watts
Overall Average – 171 watts
Average Cadence – 95 rpm

You may recall that I mentioned that during the Tuesday evening power intervals I did not push much during the 3 minute sessions. I simply tried to stay above FTP. This I was able to do quite easily.

I went back to read a little more about the workout and realized that I was supposed to be riding up in a power zone that I felt I could hold for the 3 minute interval… and just that. This means my Tuesday evening workout was not really up to par. I decided to see about that last night.

I followed the same process for warming up by stair stepping up the wattage each 5 minutes while trying to keep the cadence nearly the same. As I look at the numbers, I’m surprised to see that the average wattage for that period is higher than Tuesday’s. I felt that I was spinning easier.

At first I just thought I would up the wattage about 10 watts — from a minimum target of 260 to 270. That first interval followed that approach. You can see that with that effort I came in close to the previous workout. What you don’t see is that I was upping my cadence to nearly 100 rpm.

Through all of the Rest Between Intervals, I purposefully didn’t watch the wattage. I only followed the time. I didn’t really care how much wattage I was producing or the cadence at which I was spinning. The only goal was to be rested for the next interval. That makes it interesting when I see that once I settled into a pattern that the wattage is very similar for those periods.

Inside the second power interval I decided to change my approach. I was finding that I felt pretty good at my 270 goal and that my wattage kept creeping up to 300+. Finally, I gave in and just started targeting the 300 watt mark. That ended up being the last interval below 300 watts.

The remaining intervals consisted of me spinning along at 95 to 100 rpm watching the wattage to keep it as close to 300 as possible. It was hard. By the final interval I was having to catch myself from dropping below. My wattage graph looked a little ragged on that one!

The two other things I did differently for the workout is I lengthened the Rest Between Sets. On Tuesday I had incorrectly rested for 5 minutes. On Thursday I completed the full called for 8 minutes. The other things I did was go much easier for the final 30 minute cool down. That was partly because I was fighting a cramp in my right calve.

So, in the end I finished with exactly the same average wattage for the full 90 minutes. My cadence was different between the two. The 95 rpm recorded for Thursday reflects just how fast I was pedaling during the intervals.

I was very happy with the workout. Today is a rest day and tomorrow is another OverUnder workout. Looks like I am going to hit the plan dead on for this week!

Team Low Cadence Announcement

Team Low Cadence is really getting ready to roll!  We have 14 members of the team so far. These riders have various abilities, but one thing they share is a passion for the mission of the I Do It For Foundation. There is room for more!

We are ready to place a bulk order for Team Low Cadence cycling kits. If I know you want to be on the team, then I can make certain that you get the size that you desire. Otherwise, I am having to use average sizes for the remaining number of kits. Could be that by the time you decide to participate, we won’t have the size you need. Getting your kit will be delayed even longer.

So, sign up today! Learn more about it at the Team Low Cadence signup page. If you are already a member, be sure to recruit your friends. Come on board and help grow the I Do It For Foundation… Do it for someone you love.

The blog it is a changing

You may begin to see some changes around LowCadence.com. The blog is moving to become the “Official blog of Team Low Cadence and the I Do It For Foundation.” Now, that doesn’t mean that my personal post will go away. It just means that there may be more people participating in what you find here. Also, there will be more news and “administrative” stuff regarding the foundation and its supporting team.

Speaking of the supporting team… the membership form for joining Team Low Cadence is now active! You will find a link in the top menu. Also, you can follow the link here.

Let me explain the team one more time. Team Low Cadence exists to help carry out the mission of the I Do It For Foundation. That mission is to provide support for people who want to use active sports to meet the needs of others in a time of trial.

When you sign up for Team Low Cadence, you agree to race or ride in charity events for the purpose of carrying out that mission. You may be participating to help grow the I Do It For Foundation and its plans to provide support for individuals creating their own supporting events. You may be participating by doing your own I Ride For ___ event using the support of the I Do It For Foundation.

Remember, racers who compete in a required number of USA Cycling sanctioned races have the opportunity to get a reimbursement of their USA Cycling license fees. You’ll get to race in style as well as we provide kits for club members. There are also cash bonuses for those who podium in those races.

Please consider joining us on the team. Our goal is to have hundreds of team members around the country helping to spread the word about our mission and meeting the needs of hurting people one individual at a time. Go Team!

Sign up today or contact us for more information.

Team Low Cadence kit design

If  you follow Low Cadence on Facebook, you probably saw this posted yesterday. It is the most recent design of the Team Low Cadence kit. With your feedback, we will pull the switch and start the process of having them produced.

2013 Team Low Cadence for I Do It For ___

2013 Team Low Cadence for I Do It For ___

Team Low Cadence is currently looking for people to join the team to participate in races and get the word out about the I Do It For Foundation. The team is registered with USA Cycling and it is a requirement that you hold a USA Cycling license. This weekend, a page will be available with instructions on how you can be a part of it.

Racers who sign up to be a member of Team Low Cadence would receive a team issue I Do It For kit when they come available. They would be required to wear the kit during races in which they participate. They would also be required to stage their own individual or group charity ride using the IDoItFor.org tools.

However, it doesn’t end there. If a racer joins Team Low Cadence committing to race for the team during the season, his or her fee for the USA Cycling license will be reimbursed by the I Do It For Foundation after they compete in a requisite number of events. There would also be podium bonuses. They would simply show their finish on the official USA Cycling web site along with a photo from the race (preferably a podium shot) of them wearing their team kit.

Our vision is Team Low Cadence members showing up at races all around the country and then getting out on the road to carry out the I Do It For Foundation. mission of encouraging people and organizations seeking to meet the financial and emotional needs of others in a time of trial.

The 2013 Team Low Cadence jersey

The 2013 Team Low Cadence jersey

2013 Team Low Cadence bib shorts

2013 Team Low Cadence bib shorts

Will you be a part of Team Low Cadence?