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A Twitter Day

It is amazing the things you can learn following your Twitter.com feeds.  There was a thread of events flowing through the Greenville Twitter world yesterday that told a story within the cycling community.  It was kind of cool to see the pieces come together.

It started this morning when I came upon a feed by Tim Jackson of Masi bicycle fame.  This Tweet read, “Hello Greenville. Just passed exit for Paris Mtn… Looks quiet now.”  That got my interest.  Then he followed it up with a Twitpic…

Tim Jackson takes a photo of downtown Greenville

Tim Jackson takes a photo of downtown Greenville

His caption for the photo was “Morning in Greenville.”  Yep, I recognized that view.  So, I sent a reply giving him a welcome to Greenville and wishing him some great riding while he’s here.  I asked him what exactly brought him to our town?

Before I could get a reply, I saw a feed by Kirk Flinte over at Hincapie Sportswear.  He was pointing to his blog post of the day, “Kenda Pro Cycling Team.”  Well, I didn’t put two and two together because I thought Masi sponsored Team Inferno.  What I didn’t know was that Team Inferno is now Kenda Pro Cycling Team.

So, what was the team doing in Greenville?  They were here for their team training camp and to say hello to their clothing sponsor.  A little later this was confirmed when Tim Jackson responded to my question basically telling me what I learned from Kirk’s blog.

However, it didn’t end there because the team came together for some pictures before heading out on a ride.  Kirk was involved in that photo shoot as well.  Which was followed soon after by a shoot with George and Melanie Hincapie as they modeled some of the new denim items by Hincapie Sportswear.

Of course, everyone following George’s feeds for the day knew he was not feeling so well.  Yet, out there he went to get the job done.  I know Kirk hasn’t been feeling so hot either… maybe he is the one who got George sick!

But the Twitter story comes full circle when I see a Tweet by Oliver Blanchard (who does photo work for Hincapie) to Kirk talking about George being sick and the photo shoot.  Then I see the following by Oliver (a prodigious Twitterer, by the way), “Cyclists: I got SMOKED by these guys today while riding up Paris Mountain. Blew by me like I was standing still. http://bit.ly/ssjkZ”  Yep, it was the Kenda boys.

Last I checked, it could be that the Kenda theme continued.  Boyd Johnson put the following in his feed, “9:27 up Paris mountain today. But I was hanging onto a wheel for half of it. 375 watts.” Now, I’m wondering… just whose wheel was he hanging on to?

Could be some more news coming up later today at LowCadence.com.  I have my post op visit today!