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Versus Tour Tracker on my iPad

If you have an Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad, you know it can be frustrating not having the ability to watch video from the Internet. This is especially frustrating as a cycling fan. Since we don’t get much video of cycling on our US networks, much of our opportunities to see professional cycling have to come over the Internet. Thank you, Versus for making it possible.

The video above shows the same Tour Tracker that you would access on your computer. Until recently, Versus used Flash for showing their video. With the Tour Tracker that has changed and they are using a streaming tool that allows the iPad to process the feed… and it is quite impressive.

Now if UStream and other streaming services would do the same thing, cyclists would have more options for accessing the professional peloton on the Web. For now, I’m just happy with the step Versus has taken.

Versus vs. YouTube

I didn’t get tot see the coverage of the Tour Down Under last night. I also forgot to set my recorder. So, I wasn’t able to see any of the coverage on Versus. Ah, but never fear… there is always YouTube.

Thing is, I bet that by the time you take the commercials out of the Versus coverage, you are left with about the same amount of video. I think next time I’m going to get out my stop watch and see how much of the 30 minute program ends up being advertising.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that Versus is covering the event. However, is it too much to dream that someday that coverage will be a bit longer with a little more insight into the stories surrounding the events and riders?

A Versus commercial I actually enjoyed

During the Tour De France I enjoyed watching the action on the Internet live feed.  It was good to get it in real time, but also it allowed me to avoid the commercials. However, there were some times when I did see some commercials during the evening “expanded coverage.”  There was one I would have liked to have seen again, but I only saw it once.  Now, thanks to YouTube, I get to.

Anyone know who the narrator is? It seems I should know who it is… but that might be the point, they got someone with a voice that rang familiar.  It has the sound of an seasoned coach giving a pep talk before a big game.  If you know who it is, please leave a comment.