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Taking a ride through Falls Park

You might be aware of my video woes.  My VholdR helmet camera always seems to mess me up.  It never seems to be the same thing.  Always something different to frustrate me as I move the hoped for video to my computer.  Whether it will be there or not is hit or miss.

Well, yesterday I went out for a ride.  I stuck the thing on my head and declared, “If it doesn’t work today, I am going to throw it in the trash or sell it.”  I didn’t really care what I recorded.  I just hoped it would record!

I turned it on and started riding.  30 minutes later it beeped twice telling me it had run out of memory.  That was promising — normally it doesn’t warn me of its failure.  Here is just a portion of what I ended up with.

I won’t bore you with the other 25 minutes or so.  However, for sure, Greenville and Upstate South Carolina is a wonderful place to ride a bike.  Perhaps I can get some more video of some of the interesting spots around here.

Do you have any places you would like for me to catch on video?  I’m going to give this VholdR helmet cam another chance.  If it fails me again, I’m going to move to a new POV camera system.

If at first you don’t succeed, fail again.

I’m starting to think that it just isn’t to be for me to get any decent video from the Tuesday Night World Championships at Donaldson Center.  If it isn’t one thing with my VholdR helmet camera, it is another.  Last night’s ride was no different.

Weather.com was showing that the winds were around 16 mph.  That means that at Donaldson they were probably even higher.  Still, there was no rain and a good number of riders showed up for the loops around the complex.

Once again the pace picked up again about midway through the first lap.  I’m thinking some of this has to do with the fact that we are currently only doing 5 laps of the 7 mile or so course.  The more serious riders hit it right from the start.  Probably as the summer comes and the laps increase that first lap will slow a bit.

My plan was to hang around in the field for several laps and then bow out.  With the race coming up on Thursday night, I wanted to leave this night with my legs feeling like they had a good workout – but not fatigued.  My other objective was to get a full lap of Perimeter Road on my camera.

I did great with my first objective.  Before the first lap ended the field was strung out.  The wind was beating us up.  A couple of times I got hung out on the windward side of the group and found myself having to lean against the crosswind to keep from getting blown over.

Still, I hung in there through that point where I wanted to quit.  My legs came to me and going into the second lap I was feeling much better.  I was holding my own and finding ways to escape some of that wind.

On that lap I decided to start on objective number two.  I reached up and flipped on my VholdR… or so I thought.  Once again my attempt was foiled by the camera.

One of the problems I have with the device is the door that covers the power switch and MiniSD card slot.  When the camera in mounted on my helmet, I have to reach up and slide the large switch back.  I like the switch because it is large, but the way the cover on the back is arranged it is very easy to slide it out of position at the same time you are sliding the record switch.

Sometimes when that happens I can just put the cover back on and we are good to go.  Other times (like last night) it turns the camera off.  I guess this wouldn’t be that big of a deal except when you are riding in a pack and getting dropped isn’t an option, you can’t stop to take your helmet off and check on things.

For that whole second lap I focused on keeping my head up so I could get the best shots.  It was a pretty good lap.  I felt like I was making up for last week’s poor video journal.  This lap would give folks a really good idea of what it is like to do Donaldson!  If only…

Satisfied that I had gotten what I needed I headed into the third lap just getting a workout.  There were certain portions of the course that had me about ready to croak, but I knew that things would get easier in other parts.  I easily made it around with the main field.

I then pulled off and called it a night.  There was a time when I wouldn’t have done that.  I would have felt like I had to do every lap.  Now days I know what I need and have nothing I feel I need to prove by running myself into the ground.

At home after the discouragement of finding out that the second lap was not recorded, I had the encouragement of seeing my power numbers for the ride.  My peak 20 minute power was 290 watts.  That is nearly 20 watts higher than my previous high.  The even better news was that I didn’t feel that I was working any harder.  Just maybe my fitness is starting to come to me.

Sorry there is no video.  I will try again.  I’ve got all summer to finally get that elusive Donaldson Center lap!

Fighting the crud

I’m at home this morning.  The cold that started coming on last week has really socked me.  My head feels like a round piece of cement and any deep breath brings on a wheezing cough.  Sometimes I feel pretty good and then I swing back to feeling like I have vertigo.

Friday was the last day on the bike.  That is not good because I do hope to be over this in time to make it to this weekend’s Upstate Winter Bicycle League.  The only question then would be will I have the legs and stamina to stay with the group?

Here are some odds and ends things for you since I don’t have a lot to write about with my own riding.

Columbia Kit: I don’t like it.  Is that a skeleton or abdominal muscles outlined on the front of their jersey?  The yellow isn’t too bad — it does help it match the colors of the Scott bicycles (we won’t go there).  The white… I know its European, but I’m not a big fan of white.

Someone mentioned that it looks like they picked up the old Saunier Duvall kits.  That could be… perhaps the skeletor look is supposed to remind us of Rock Racing or something.  Me?  I was starting to like the blue.

Rock Racing: Speaking of Rock Racing… the soap opera continues.  I swung over to Cyclingnews.com in my present stupor and saw the new design of the site and a picture of the $230 jean stitcher on the front page.  I guess the bottom line is they will be around for another six months for sure.  After that?  Stay tuned for As the Crank Turns…

VHoldR: I have appreciated the many comments I have gotten on my videos.  It is a lot of fun to have a record of the rides I participate in.  However, I have to admit it doesn’t help with my enjoyment of the ride.  I have to spend too much time concentrating on getting the shots and riding around with only one hand firmly on the bars.

What is most frustrating is when I do all that and find that my video is corrupted.  I use a camera with a different approach.  It is a helmet mounted camera made by Twenty20.  The VHoldR is very compact.  There are no moving parts and it writes the video to a MicroSD card.

For the most part I have not had trouble with the device until I started trying to record footage while mountain biking.  I would get about a minute of video and then the video would freeze.  The error I got when trying to view it was that the headers were corrupted.

I mentioned it on Twitter and before I knew it, I was contacted by the VHoldR guys asking me what was up.  I explained and they said that I needed a faster MicroSD card.  I went online and found a ScanDisk Premier card that is supposed to give me what I need.  Now, I just have to get better so I can get back out to the trail and give it a test.