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UWBL Ware Shoals Sprint

Before we get to the video from the Ware Shoals sprint, let me point you to this article on Velonews.com featuring Greenville pro, Craig Lewis. Andrew Hood sits down for a conversation with the young rider in his article, “Lewis: Ready for bigger and better things.” Sure hope we do see him get his wish.

The article mentions Lewis settling in Spain. I’m sure he’ll be heading there this season, but it was good to see him walking into a local bicycle shop recently just being a regular joe. He has to buy his fuel just like the rest of us.

Now, how about that sprint? The video is posted below. It was interesting for me because I have not participated in the sprint since last year and then I only did it once. I couldn’t recall much about it. That meant I didn’t have a proactive strategy. I was having to react to the group.

Overall I was pleased. I figure I finished about 10 riders back and was feeling good. Had I been able to anticipate the finish, I really think I could have done better. I’m slowly but surely learning to manage myself in the bunch. Now is the time to put myself out there over my head and make my mistakes.

More and more I am starting to stay longer with the big boys. I might not be able to beat them, but it gives me confidence going into this season racing in my own category. If I can hang with these guys, I should be able to hold my own against my category 4 competition.

Thanks for watching and reading! More LowCadence.com to come….